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Is the Religious Right Taking Over the Tea Party? Are Libertarians Leaving it Like Afraid Children?


As we all know, the Tea Party is being co-opted by the religious conservatives. And we must give them credit for having the stamina and determination to do it. At the same time; what does it say of Libertarians that they are leaving their creation to be taken advantage of by another group?

At the very least it is would be very irresponsible for the Freedom Movement to inspire the Tea Party and then to leave it by the wayside because it is easier to preach to the choir than it is to maintain a presence at the meetings, rallies and influence it.

We, ate the DailyTeaParty.com have said it many times before; the Tea Party will decide who wins in 2012, it will decide if it is a warmonger Military Industrial Complex president, meaning another Obama or Bush, or whether we will finally elect a Constitutional President and Congress to go with it.

It is at our peril that the Freedom Movement abandons this movement to the neocons, warmongers and the paid shills. It is your decision, will you stick by your guns and help Restore the Republic with the tool of our own creation, or are you giving up in defeat?


Mytype.com For over 17,000 Americans taking one of MyType’s psychology surveys, we inserted a question about the Tea Party to reveal the demographics, values, morals and personalities of the movement’s supporters (see the full report). Looking for the defining characteristics of a presumably cohesive party, we instead found the movement in the middle of an identity crisis. According to MyType’s data, devoutly religious conservatives comprise 22.5% of the Tea Party and are its fastest growing segment. They bring with them a fundamentally different set of values, morals and personalities than libertarian supporters, a core group that represent 17% of the party. While the former tend to be morally charged, family-oriented traditionalists, many libertarian supporters are neither religious nor traditional. Rather, they are independent, intellectual, and morally permissive. The rising prominence of religious conservatives within the movement, highlighted by recent religious right rhetoric from several prominent figures affiliated with the Tea Party, appears to be driving away libertarians and others. Despite the surge in support from religious conservatives, overall support for the Tea Party is in decline.

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Sorry people

ANOTHER access denied, post blanked out.

Must have hit a nerve.


you could take a break,

and have a nap.

Take a break from what

and from whom ?
You do want to hear Truth ?

Just a suggestion that you might want to take a break

from your current messed-up thought process.

It appears that you may not have come down yet from whatever you were into last night.

My processor is way ahead of your , that is for sure.



what ever I had must not meet YOUR standards.
THAT's FREEDOM at work.

He's Right, Impailed

I often enjoy your comments.

Sometimes we just need to take a breather. Let's have respect for the integrity of the dialogue and the opinions of others.

You had no business interjecting clutter into that outstanding, coherent exchange between R_Michael and Wolfe.

That dialogue was literature; ... It was art; It was destined for 'Best of-' designation ... and should not have been marred with graffiti.

Step away. Come back fresh later and start a new thread with liberty issues from your perspective. I say this as someone who values that perspective, but believes content neutral decorum trumps impetuousness.

Faith from God is not

faith by human endeaver. Faith has a definiton.

The esoterics try to confuse the two.

If it was faith from within yourself then you could find and be salvation. It's impossible, as GOD is Alpha and Omega, the author and finisher of salvation. FAith in Christ. God seeks humanity , humanity does not seek God.
God persues, you hear, you respond +/-, + means conviction, which means confession, that Christ is who GOD said he is. Then you are confirmed a believer, in God's eye.

In the end of days every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess this. Please read Revelation at the end. It's all been written.

If this all was not true and Faithfull, we are all in for a world of hurt here and in the future.


knees don't bow.

Knees bend.

Heads bow.

I have seen

some knees buckle.

thank you Ralph

for access denied again I must be hitting nerves.

Good Faith …

DP Proves persons of good will can get along regardless of religious persuasion. It’s thrilling to witness such dynamic exchanges that occur here demonstrating we have largely transcended the polemics of division which has been our would be master’s design for keeping us oppressed.

The original post raises a very valid point that we each need to carry our exercised understandings into our respective fields of influence to break these contrived barriers. If we understand that mission, Ron Paul’s 2012 candidacy will be exciting !!

We know how they play this game. Let’s help show others the ropes.

Here’s an article from 2008 that pertains to how the Karl Roves play us for fools. I watched them do it with Term Limits in the ‘90s. This article mentions the design behind Promise Keepers, presaging the propping of Palin in her role before the Tea Party kettle was even on the stove.


Stay engaged.

The Tea Parties are irrelevant.

Only the ideas matter. When "tea party," like "conservative," or "liberal" become coopted by a larger and more powerful group, it's time to move on. Otherwise ideas will become secondary to loyalty to the label.

I don't give a damn about the label. I attended one "tea party" rally early on and found it interesting and hopeful, but it has since taken on a different life, one that I find difficult to swallow at this time. Pro-war, anti-immigrant, and anti-muslim. It's no more my job to help wrestle control of the 'tea parties' in order to promote libertarian values than it is for me to wrestle control of the KKK to promote non-racist values.

The Tea Parties are going to self-destruct or get coopted. I would be very careful about how I associated myself with those folks or one day everyone will think libertarians are synonymous with Sarah Palin.

The average populace is not that stupid.

We the people are much smarter than we are given credit for. Some thing just add up while other things do not. A thinking, rational, person can smell the difference. The difference is always being userped, so that the Elite and satan can screw with the mind. That is why GOD performs surgery and sometimes painfull cleansings. This is why Christ came, to reveal the "difference".
What do you think the book of Revelation is all about ?
Revealing those who are true, from the big phonys.
This is why Christ will come again, to get rid of the Evil thing. GOD is LOVE. He will show the "difference". Their sin will be made manifest and delt with. It is not by might, nor intelligence, but by MY SPIRIT says the LORD.

Often immitated but NEVER duplicated.
Duplication is the only trick left to try.
That is why they call for Peace.
Their type of peace is for you to submit to satan.666

Not One, But Three Tea Parties by Paul Gottfried

Having looked at the swelling of the Tea Party, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not a uniform movement. There are at least three different movements trying to give the impression of being one.........


Here is my reply to this article:

I would concur that it was this huge grassroots effort supporting Ron Paul that gave birth to this so-called modern Tea Party movement. The Ron Paul Revolution http://www.bostonteaparty08.com/ is still bursting with great fervor. Here is one of the many creative projects that took place at that time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e26FhQo_2JY&feature=channel

The tea party is owned by the billionaire Koch brothers

Hard to believe there are still people who haven't figured that "Corporate America Faked a Grassroots Revolution, ties oil billionaire David Koch closely to the Tea Party movement."

Tea Party movement: Billionaire Koch brothers who helped it grow

It likes to present itself as a grassroots insurgency made up of hundreds of local groups intent on toppling the Washington elite.

But the Tea Party movement, which is threatening to cause an upset in next month's midterm elections, would not be where it is today without the backing of that most traditional of US political supporters – Big Oil.

The billionaire brothers who own Koch Industries, a private company with 70,000 employees and annual revenues of $100bn (£62bn), used to joke that they controlled the biggest company nobody had ever heard of.

It is sad indeed to see so many well meaning libertarians duped by the republicans, noecons and zionists. Same goes for the well meaning christian right, many have been poisoned with zionism - such is the NWO.

END the FED before it ENDS US

jaseed's picture

Christian libertarian

I consider myself a Christian libertarian. Sarah Palin not my hero.


The American Free Press(1-888-699-6397)
p6 in the November 1, 2010 issue:
"Lipstick on an Elephant?"(!)
subtitled: "Pro-Israel female candidates touted heavily by GOP
refers to palin as "queen bee"

by Victor Thorn

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

bigmikedude's picture

Ironically, three minutes before I saw this post my phone rang

and I picked it up to hear the recording "Hi! This is Sarah Palin urging you to..." at which point hung up the phone.

I didn't bother listening to find out which Neocon in disguise, fake Tea Party Candidate she wanted me to vote for (assuming that's probably what it was).

It's only more proof of how the same old corrupt neocon establishment war monger republicans have slipped in and thoroughly co-opted the Tea Party.

I am no fan

But she is too dumb to be a typical neo-con which I think is good in a way I don't think she'll trust anyone that is smarter than her which is everyone.

She probably means what she says about freedom but her beliefs in religious fundamentalism is scary.

She also would rape the world for resources and has no understanding nor flexibility, except with her hypocrisy, about social, environmental, economic, medical, technological, biological, defense, judicial and a host of other issues and topics.

Her heart may be in the right place but good intentions aren't enough.

History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Anyone, who as governor, has

Anyone, who as governor, has two flags in their office, an USA and an Israeli flag are neocons. Is this a dual country? you don't have to be intelligent to be brainwashed. Brain nice and pliable for "teaching"

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

wolfe's picture

All politicians...

Indeed, most people are pro-war....

They only oppose the wars on the other side.

I have said this many times. I am to the point of not really caring to be honest about it. As long as people sign their names on the dotted line to be murderers, I really don't care if they live or die. As far as how much money it costs us... Well, if they weren't using that as the excuse to steal our money, they would find another way... Stop giving them the money...

Go off the grid, that is all you can do. It is the only effective way, and just as importantly, you can be happy without always fighting some politician somewhere. Stop letting them take your money, your time, and your life.

And for the record, the neocons took over the Tea Party within weeks of it's inception. It was never truly libertarian.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

the tea party is being

the tea party is being coopted by the Sarah Palin/John McCain rinos.. Has nothing to do with the "religious" right.. give me a break.

I wanted to say

That the only difference in the articles view, between Libertarian and Christian is that of moral issue. As a Christian I do not hold you to my moral code, for GOD is considered my judge and I consider this not to be my job. My job as a servant of the LORD is to tell you. God does the rest.

However when a moral issue conflicts with the stability of society any sane person would or should have pause. What is better for a society should be the relevant question. An immoral society breeds more immorality. So you end up with a sick society if left unchecked.

I do not understand what is so wrong with this view, for that is why we have a Constitution of agreement.
You have an agreed upon society from the get go.

Immorality is not the norm for a healthy society to flurish. But I do not force you to my standard unless it breaks our agreement. Some things can be tolerated while others may not be tolerated. It's just common sense to a rational person.

what I find wrong (as an atheist, full disclosure)...

Is a Christian's definition of "immorality" may not be the same as a non-christian. For example, many christians find homosexuality to be immoral, I do not.

If we have laws about marriage, abortion, drugs, etc...it is an attempt to legislate morality. I think this is a blatant violation of personal liberty.


I do not see it as legislating .

I see it as promoting one thing or the other.
I, as a Liberty seeker, do not have a problem with your own sense of your own morality for it is to God ( I believe to whom you gain or fall ) not me. So I would let you know, I do not support promoting gay agenda, but I do not stop you from promoting your idea ar agenda . That is called working for Freedom without accepting or forcing either party. Society as a whole gains or looses, as it is the whole that chooses. I have to accept that as a citizen.

The consequences will become self evident . God's laws are given for mankinds "benefits", not to subjigate authority. God is LOVE . Everything HE has or will do is LOVE, though to us in the short time it may seem brutish at times, because we do not see the whole effect.

You have to admit that God does not keep secret societies and special people to do His work.
He uses average people because it is HE that does the Work. His yoke is EASY. God is LOVE

HE wants the BEST for mankind and you.

Abortion has nothing to do

Abortion has nothing to do with legislating morality.. that is preventing murder. You are right. those of us who believe do have a higher moral value. "Most" of us do find homosexuality wrong. But, this comes down to the people of each individual state to decide. The federal government has no right to force these decisions of morality. The people of the each state decide.

So what happens like here in Colorado and recently in California when the people vote to Not allow homosexual marrige.. Some liber idiot judge says its unconstitutional and throws out the vote of the people.

Just when I was starting to

Just when I was starting to find a very few reasons to read your posts without dismissing every comment as the ravings of some inbred backward hillbilly, you go and say this. Guess it's back to the "ignore" heap with you, Sierra. You seem to have learned nothing. Your comments are a disgrace and an embarassment.

What a crock of sh ! t !!!

"You are right. those of us who believe do have a higher moral value."

sierra, how would you like to take your self-proclaimed sense of righteousness, and shove it where the sun don't shine !!

"Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"

There's a moral code for the post-modern era. What if I don't consider ritual animal abuse and decapitations wrong? Does that make it ok? What if I'm really into murder? Don't I have a right to be who I am? I'm not saying this to challenge you, just to point out that a moral code MUST come from somewhere and if a society has millions of individual moralities it can't function. Where can it come from?

It should transcend cultural differences...and be universally...

acceptable. 'Love your neighbor as yourself' is a common saying, at least in two related faiths. But unless there is a transcendent standard, as opposed to conventional or popular morality, deviancy can be continued to be defined at the lowest common denominator.

What was unthinkable 50 years ago--abortion for any and every reason, for example, is now common place. This is in spite of the scientific evidence that a preborn baby is just that-- a baby! which goes to show that science cannot in and of itself, prevent moral atrocities.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15