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The wrong question

There were two moments in the debate, and both belonged to Ron Paul.

The first was Rudy's grandstanding. No solution, no information, just some "we're right no matter what" stuff ignoring reality. That has been commented on and will act like a trebuchet to bring Ron Paul into view.

Let them laugh, when you hear the whole exchange, you know who knows foreign policy and who is utterly clueless.

But the second moment was far more important. After Brit Hume asked, "If several shopping malls were attacked...", Dr. Paul pointed out that Osama bin Laden is alive and well and living in nuclear armed Pakistan whom we send money to support, and that it is silly to ask about hypotheticals when things are left undone in the real world.

Silly me, it seems he really wants to get bin Laden and bring him to justice while everyone else just wants to change the subject and bomb Iran.

And what would Rudy do? Is he even annoyed that Osama is probably laughing at him and the other of the nine?

Instead of really dealing with bin Laden, showing American resolve and justice, we let him go and bomb Iraq, bring Saddam in and let him be convicted in a kangaroo court and executed.

But people will obviously feel safer with the person who after the first al queda attack moved the HQ to the WTC, and spouts patriotic pablum than to someone who would do everything constitutionally authorized to dispatch a real threat.

Ask Rudy about bin Laden.