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Rand Paul names Washington GOP insider as his Chief Of Staff! What?

"But Tea Party hero Rand Paul moved immediately to name an insider as chief of staff for his Senate office. Doug Stafford, a longtime GOP operative in Washington, has been his top political consultant and is vice president of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation and as a consultant to the Campaign for Liberty."


Say it isn't so... Well, I guess I always knew he was no libertarian.

Anyone can tell me that this GOP insider is not what he appears to be. Another GOP neocon.

This is like the Obuma change, and the next day he picked all Washington insiders.


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I don't know anything about Doug Stafford

other than a quick scan on the internet. Judging from his writings & organizations, he is certainly anti-union.

This just shows how powerful LABELS can be.

This just shows how powerful LABELS can be. Look at all of the people who still believe the official 9/11 myth because of the label "conspiracy theorist". It's amazing the power a word or 2 can have over what it is attached to.

I'm not going to jump on this Brian guy for getting sucked in, because I'm not ashamed to admit I have been on multiple occasions. The media has gotten to the point where it is inherently evil, and has many decades of the best scientific mind manipulation techniques under it's belt. It isn't just worthless, it is *THE* enemy. I'll revisit that theme for sure if I hang around a bit.

From what I've heard, Doug's one of the good guys...

My girlfriend's brother-in-law is a software consultant for C4L and they all say Doug's a great liberty supporter and big fan of the Ron Paul movement. Give him a chance to do something before losing your cool.

Rand and Ron are formulating their plans for the next Congress and have already began talking about abolishing the FED and here you are jumping down Rand's throat the day after the election. Chill out and take a breather before getting worked up.

Cuimhnigh orm, a Dhia, le haghaidh maith.

doug is okay

I have found Doug to be a fine liberty guy, and good to work with during this campaign.

Hey...at least it isn't Jesse Benton! While I think he is a good guy and a believer in liberty, I think he needs a lot more experience yet.

And, I just trust Rand. I met him when Ron was running in 2007, and I have been a part of his campaign from the very beginning. We started back last March, and I have had a number of occasions to talk with Rand. I believe in him.

He will need our support to stay true. Have some faith.


is your problem?

What has been done to cause you so much pain?

you people aught to openly confess

you people aught to openly confess your gleeful addiction to fear-based bullshit.

Among other advantages, your addiction lubricates the inclination for constructing a multi-front fairy-tale world in which to exercise your ideological preferences and ignore contrary evidence.

since rand does not meet your idealized definition of a hard line libertarian, you therefore feel the need to spend every waking moment vilifying him. interesting strategy.

why don't you have some faith in your unfaithfulness for once in your life? if rand is as bad as you hope he is, then it'll certainly show up in the first few months as a Senator. Then you can feel good knowing that you "called it," and you were right and we were wrong.

Besides, even if you are right then it's not a big deal, anyway. Sure, there might be a few "yay" votes in the wrong direction, which I'm sure Conway would have been none-too-hesitant to cast himself. But if you're wrong about Rand. If you are wrong, and you are turning blue in the face trying to alienate the greatest threat to the corporatocracy since Ron Paul, then you aught to be ashamed of yourself.

So, until that hallucination comes, why don't you put the damn needle down and stop doing the dirty work of the MSM. It's difficult enough to sleigh the MSM dragon, the rachel maddow's, the huffpos, obama, clinton, the polarized left, and the status-quo establishment machine, amongst other hack journalists -- let alone having to freakin deal with your own so-called allies in the revolution who seem to do nothing but play the antagonizer.

forget him

some people here on dp actually have mental issues and actually take pills from time to time.. they can't be reasoned with.

i've actually grown to be more sympathetic rather than being frustrated like i used to be.

This May Work To Help Legitamize The Campaign For Liberty

The fact that the FEC investigations against the CFL are being pursued at this time is interesting. Stafford being such a close Washington insider, with very strong ties to the CFL, might just end up being a very important advantage for the CFL, as well as that for Rand, especially with all of the other newly elected "GOP" affiliates (many of which are true Tea people) coming to Washington!

I myself am withholding judgment until I see how things play out after several months! This just might work to our advantage! One thing is for sure...Washington is getting real change now and we are steadily winning the hearts and minds of the sheeple!

In my humble opinion, even as the mainstream media tries to portray this election as a reaffirmation of the GOP, the truth is, a growing majority of average Americans are getting sick and tired of the criminal cronyism that has infiltrated the governing halls on both sides of the proverbial aisle and we want it all to stop regardless of party affiliation...period!

That said, if this real change is not implemented and we just get more of the same, the majority of GOP candidates who are liberty posers will be exposed and will also get the boot the next time around, replaced by several more true liberty candidates, elected by an even larger group of angry and disgusted Americans...thanks to our continuing efforts to educate more and more of them! Let our sharing of the liberty message continue...the advantage is now with us!

Carpe Diem all...Carpe Diem!

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


Glad that he listened

to my advice.


Great comments in this

Great comments in this thread..they have said it all..Brian --hope you got your paradigm shift.

This is a wonderful interview with Ron And Rand. Watch how he subtly removes Cavuto from thinking Ron just tells him what to do--and watch how Ron laughs..


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Rand Paul will be true to the Constitution and everything else..

that he has promised to do.

If all of this is a scam, then the only one more upset about this than us will be his father. Rand will have to answer to Ron Paul, who would disown him if this is true!

I don't like the implications of this either, but sometimes we have to trust and wait.

Look, Rand is a smart guy--we

Look, Rand is a smart guy--we all know this. And smart people hire smart people. This guy Stafford is an "insider" so these people are needed in Washington.

You don't walk into an exclusive club and start grabbing people by the necks and screaming, "I'm the new guy here, @#$% you and the way you do business!!!"

No, you bring people under your wing and get them to see what you see....

Seriously, maybe you should read some books about Benjamin Franklin, then you'd have a clue about how wars are won. Please start with this one--it's not very big and easy to digest: http://tinyurl.com/24bhuba

i've learned that

some people on dp simply are not in their right state of mind.. when you come across these posts hearing people occasionally talking about themselves.. with people having some kinda disorder and some others talking about themselves on psychiatric medications or whatever.. it's probably the reason why it's so difficult to reason with them with things that just seem so obvious to everyone else. i feel that the best at this point is to just ignore them.. they have pretty much proved themselves inconsequential.

We did our job, now let Rand do

his. Let's move on to the next job, we got Rand as far as we could go for now. Have you ever heard the saying,"stick and move.", like they say in boxing? It is corrupted politics and Rand may have to hang out with some of the bad guys to get the right stuff done, not saying this guy is bad or not, I don't know, but I don't know D.C. either so I am going to do what I know for liberty, like you should do.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

It says he is a C4L consultant so I hope Ron knows he is good

There is no reason to jump to conclusions he is bad without any evidence whatsoever.

I would like to know more of his background, but that isn't the same thing as saying he's bad.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

I'm sure Rand knows exactly

I'm sure Rand knows exactly what he's doing. He's going to need a so-called insider to show him the ins-and-outs of operating a senate office. Remember, being senator requires having a few taxpayer-funded offices and a staff... It's not a one-man thing...

Bottom line: The only thing I care about is Rand's voting record. Period.

One of my heroes

The fact that Brian Middleton has never heard of him is evidence that he has not done sufficient homework. Mr Stafford has been a consultant to the "Campaign for Liberty" since shortly after its inception. Yes, that same "Campaign for Liberty" started by our esteemed icon, Dr Ron Paul. If you want to know just what caliber of man he is, I suggest you contact them.

I think Dr Rand Paul has made a good choice for the present. If in the future the good Doctor decides on another, that is his business.

Would you rather have a

Would you rather have a consultant for C4L who knows D.C., or should he bring the guy who works at the Bowling Green Dairy Queen and volunteers for the Libertarian Party? Are you never satisfied?

Columbus, Ohio

I don't see this as a

I don't see this as a problem. Don't elected personnel come and go yet the staffs available for assignment is a full time position. Choosing an official staffer from this pool of staffers to manage a senator's office is protocol is it not?

Just because Yahoo News calls someone a washington insider...

Doesn't make it so.

Jacksonville, FL

come on Brian,

it was a post from Associated Press newswire, sent out to Yahoo!

Come on DP'ers, we HAVE to know how this game is played by now.

the MSM wants to drop subconscious media memes that suggest 'see, he ran as an outsider. now he hires an insider. clearly you morons were duped. when you thought you were getting a grassroots candidate, what you really got an establishment con artist instead.' SUBTLE, SUBCONSCIOUS PROPAGANDA is PRECISELY what they're trying to accomplish here.

WHY in the WORLD would you want to allow yourself to WILLFULLY fall prey to that?

this is SO blatantly obvious.

brother, I feel your concerns. but, let us first consider the source. shall we?

and WHY WOULD they make a hay over a position that EVERY elected civil servant hires, all the time, in the similar manner?

I've seen some vitriol thrown in campaigns. but the LEVEL of nonsense to which they were throwing at Rand, were LITERALLY INSANE! It was complete overkill of character assassination, unseen in ANY Senate race before it.

Rand is his own man.

And HOW GREAT was it of the Elder, and controversial Patriot media activists like Alex Jones to consciously stay away, as to let him build, or falter and pick up the pieces on his own? this way, NO one can make the case either one had a hand.

While he may have used methods to build up he campaign using OUR tools, Rand did this, ALL on his own with HIS own particular group of local volunteers as well as the rest of the R3VOLution across the Union.

Rand EARNED this one, FAIR and SQUARE, WITH CLASS. Just recall the 4th debate where he rightfully refrained from shaking CONway's hands. He took care of the whole AquaBuddha B.S. WITH CLASS.

Plus, whether it's by intent or subconscious, the way Rand frames the issue is FAR more calculating than Our own Doc. Rand is clearly walking into the dungeon, knowing there is a timebomb of probable Dollar Collapse looming somewhere. His tactic for getting in was sound, as he really is the ONLY one in CONgress, aside from the Doc, of course, who REALLY BELIEVE WHAT they say, unlike the rest of the Wall St. WHORES who believe in NOTHING, and are just SHELLS for corporatist douchebags to fill up with.

Rand got in WITH FULL INTEGRITY intact.

So what, he had to "TONE down" some of the more PURE miniarchist rhetoric? He is who he is. How can anyone fault him for that?

Besides purely objectively speaking, when you've been through the vast expanse of history that the Elder Paul has, he has had the time, the know-how, and the confidence that comes with age and experience to NOT give a DAMN, I mean ALL the way NOT give a DAMN-Damn!, what ANY ignoramus has to say to him.

In a word, Dr. Ron Paul can AFFORD to be PURE.

The Good Doc has built his own network of a protection "circle," consisting of an academic circle, philosophical underpinnings, long recorded history of transparent public service, not to mention an INDEPENDENT financial and social network of like-minded scholars and activists.

Rand, does NOT have ANY of that at the level that Dr. RON Paul has.

So let us really take him to task for thing he ACTUALLY has done, in the unlikelihood that he starts voting AGAINST OURS and his own father's Freedom Philosophy, then we would have RIGHTFUL REASON to NOT support him anymore. Until then, let us enjoy the ride.

P.S. One thing that lunatic opportunist neoLiB douche Ed'the PSYCHOTALK'Schultz actually got right about Rand? He's NOT gonna be beholden to ANYONE!

Starts at 12:45 mark:
"...and I don't think this guy [Rand] is beholden to ANYBODY. I think he's gonna be just as much of a problem for the Republicans..."


Of course, he thinks by doing this, he's also doing a slight mea culpa to leave a room to "interview" Rand in the future, despite all the nasty things he has accused of Rand of being during the campaign.

But you could FEEL the apprehensiveness and utter directionless nervousness of the GE-Mil.Ind.Complex-salary checks literally-dipped-in-blood-receiving MSNBC talking head propagandists, and how they feel about WHAT Rand and the Elder Paul represent.


Well, GOOD. I say bring it on.

Wow. good read and points BleuCream!!!

(Note to self) Don't cross BleuCream013 :)

For real, I enjoyed what you wrote.



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That's right - this is just a ploy by Yahoo to divide and

conquer. I've been to a couple of classes taught by C4L consultants from Right to Work and they are awesome and incredibly smart and experienced. They know what they are doing. It sounds like you did not research this at all Brian. This is a brilliant move for Rand.



Last line important.

Beyond that. You need someone who know how to navigate the system. Who can take the day to day stuff off your plate.

You don't need to take the guys advise but you need to know what kind of pressure you will take and from whom when you make your stand.

You don't want to make freshman errors and look like a dolt. The media will hack you to bits.

It is a smart move. Rand is smart. Give him time.

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

did you guys missed that LAST line?

"...as a consultant to the Campaign for Liberty."

he's hiring from OUR inner circles, as has been the practice for BOTH Pauls. I'd be the first to admit Rand has so far been, at least post-toned down Freedom Movement rhetoric, 75% in the Ron Paul-ness dept.

but then again, who really can measure up to RP's Gold Std.?

however, what I observe of him is, he's willing to play the tactic far more. He used the Tea Party which the modern iteration were started, as we all know, by the Anti-Income Tax Activists, 9/11 Truth Movement, and US, to harness and focus the energy. IF Rand had not focused TeaParty as his main initial constituency, it would have been COMPLETELY HIJACKED by the neoCON douchebag DickHEAD Armey and his genuinely ASTRO-TURF TeaPartyExpress nonsense.

Goal 1. upset the applecart? Check
Goal 2. keep the Establishment wondering about what your real intentions are? Check

Goal 3. encircle some of your "enemies" and see what they're really up to? I'm hoping the ONLY thing that make Rand, NOT a neoCON just because he allegedly got a few phone calls from Rove, and met with Billy KristolNACHT, is he IS the SON of Ron Paul.

And yes, if he weren't a Paul, that would not even be entertained. But, reading between the lines, I'm open to that possibility of "keep your friends close. keep your enemies closER," type deal.

Besides, we will see what he really stands for WHEN he actually starts to VOTE, and filibuster.

what we have to ask is, do any of us HONESTLY believe, ANYONE in CONgress WILL challenge the NWO.Wall St. Bankster and their FED.Reserve agenda, and put a bright spotlight on their CON, whether it be via filibuster, or Ron Paul-esque lone NO votes?

Rand, I believe after listening to the way he speaks and what and how he speaks of it, CLEARLY understands just how DIRE the next few months WILL be. We WILL be faced with the COLLAPSE of the DOLLAR, if the Banksters puppets in CONgress & oBUSHma Inc. have it their way.

like it or not, however one views "power" or not, Rand has achieved something NO one from our Freedom Movement have been able to achieve: elected to hold the HIGHEST Federal Office, shy of the POTUS, or SCOTUS.

6yr term, with filibuster power, ability to STOP ANY INSANE, UNCONSTITUTIONAL legislation rolling through, even IF we cannot repeal any current laws, the best he can do is GRID-LOCK, and STOP the rest of the lunatics in CONgress from DESTROYING the Republic.

Macro view of all this? I think Rand clearly understands what is at stake here. I would ABSOLUTELY venture to guess that Our Good Doc, didn't raise no dummy for a son.

Let us all watch, participate, and DICTATE the path of this Republic, and let history unfold, in the coming months. For one thing, it's all chaotic and screwy, but it is certain to be an interesting ride.

We're all living history here ladies and gents. Rand, I would venture to guess, "gets" this as well.

I have never heard of the

I have never heard of the guy. I would be happy if it was Judge napotalino.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Judge Nap is a VP, or SCOTUS Justice material.

No offense to the new Chief of Staff, but The JUDGE is NOBODY's Chief of Staff.

The Judge is a Executive Producer or Director material. He IS NOT some LineProducer, or Asst.Director material: he is NOBODY's Chief of Staff, which is basically a fancy title for the office and personnel manager.

Now, if you were Chief of Staff for WH, then you're actually the one literally running the office of the WH, and by proxy the "whole country," so to speak.

But a Chief of Staff Judge Andrew Napolitano? Really? just keep running that in your head and sincerely, ask yourself how that sounds, let alone, would a $5000 bespoke pin-stripe suit wearing paisan(he's dapper, he's earned his wealth fair and square. and there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with that) who has an important "infiltrator" role to play within the bowels of MURDERdoch's Fake News Empire, who will now have the once a week Saturday time slot go DAILY on FakeBiz Channel in TWO weeks, which will reach MILLIONS, something WE CANNOT DO in that specific format and media, unless we owned our won TV network, is gonna give that up to be a lowly manager for a Senator?

I would respectfully proffer, NO. I think not.

I hope you can see how unrealistic a role that would be, to ask of The Judge.

don't be ridiculous

comparing to the job he has, becoming chief of staff of a senator is for the judge like becoming paper boy.

this thread is a waste of time and space.

So what we are saying is that

So what we are saying is that a consultant to Campaign for Liberty isn't good enough for Rand Paul?

Not really. Who is he...

Not really. Who is he...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...