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msnbc: Rand & Ron Paul make history!

Rand, Ron Paul make history
From NBC's Doug Adams and Joel Seidman

It appears that the Senate win by Rand Paul in Kentucky marks a first in congressional history. It is the first time that a son has served in the Senate while his father served in the House of Representatives.

Ron Paul of course is a congressman from Texas, and a former GOP contender for president.

There have been other instances of fathers and sons serving in Congress together. Of note, Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and his son Patrick serving as a Congressman from Rhode Island. But in that case it was the father in the upper house and his son serving in the lower house.


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What about...

Paul Ryan, Pence, and DeMint? Did they all survive the elections?

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How did I find this post?: I Googled Ron Paul!

Try it! The first hit is this story.

13,400,000 hits

Ron Paul 2012

I like the "of course" after

I like the "of course" after RP's name. He's not a nobody anymore! He's a household name :)

Good comments, too

Good comments, too

in re fathers and sons

And let's not forget the Barry Goldwaters, who served concurrently from 1969 to 1983.

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Thanks for the Great info

I'm sharing it with others. =}