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Tea Party Plan for America

This starter plan is intended to deal with the immediate problem of joblessness and to lay the foundation for future limited government objectives, such as ending the Fed, IRS and more. This is a plan we can run on without going too far into the "weeds".

The fiscal nightmare our country faces has only gotten worse under both President Bush and Obama. We're faced with two simultaneous problems which make it difficult, without major changes, to directly resolve either of them. Because of the growing deficit the Federal Government requires more tax revenue. However, because of the recession, income is already strained and raising taxes may not raise more federal income and will only further hurt the already ailing economy. Something must and can be done. Below are some ideas I'd have to change the course of our country and break the death spiral.

1. The Economy

In order to stimulate the economy we must fundamentally change the economic situation for all Americans. And to do so in a way which will allow them to pay off debt, rebuild savings and spend more money. What better way to do that than to suspend the income tax for two years and let the young people opt out of social security? Doing so will almost double some people's income on every paycheck. Think about what that would do to the ability of Americans to pay down debt and stimulate the economy. In an economy based on spending this would create an economic boom, perhaps never seen before. And it's something everyone would see immediately. The goal is to get people addicted to not having an income tax. They'll never want it back. Progressives know this, which is why they'd rather SPEND MORE on Stimulus and bailouts which don't do anything long-term. So, yes I want to eliminate the IRS and income tax but that's going into phase 2.

2. Jobs

We must work to remove onerous rules and regulations surrounding hiring employees. A commission should be put together to determine the most onerous job killing regulations and then get rid of them entirely. We should also end the minimum wage. Getting rid of the minimum wage will go a long way toward maximizing employment and because there would be no income tax and young people can opt out of social security withholding, they'll probably make more in this system than the current one. At least they'd have jobs.

3. Deficit

There's no doubt that suspending the income tax for two years will (by itself) hurt the already massive budget. In order to help with that we'd have to; Bring our troops home from around the world and end the empire which would save anywhere from $500 billion to $1 trillion a year, which is more than we get from the income tax. We get around $150 billion a year from the income tax. We must also end the departments of, energy, agriculture, education, homeland security, commerce, labor and the interior. Put together a commission who looks at the best ones to end first and how to end them. Ending those programs and the warfare empire would go a large way toward shrinking government and the deficit. Then finally we either use a very small, temporary national sales tax or tariffs to help pay off the debt while we suspend the income tax. Either method is better than the immoral and economically stifling income tax.

In Closing

The reason you've never heard this kind of solution is because it would work. It would work for the people, but not for the banking system or federal government. It would cut government and its influence drastically. The $800 billion dollar bailout is much more expensive than suspending the income tax for two years, not to mention the complete wasted stimulus plan. Suspending the income tax would have 100 times the positive effect on the economy.

To Summarize

Here's a quick summary of my Tea Party plan to actually reduce government debt, create jobs and grow personal wealth.

* Suspend the income tax for two years.
* Eliminate minimum wage.
* Let young people opt out of social security.
* Reduce job killing regulations.
* Bring the warfare state to an end.
* End useless federal departments.
* Institute a minor, temporary national sales tax or tariff.

Doing these things would create long lasting wealth, reduce government and help to pay off the national debt. This Tea Party plan should be the first major step toward a future based on the principles of freedom, peace and prosperity.

Phase 2 would go at the heart of our monetary system and remaining entitlements. The object of the starter phase is to create clearly defined steps and goals which will illustrate to the American people that these kind of changes and cuts can be done with positive results. The 2ndary phase will be the permanent end of the I.R.S. and the income tax. From that you'll inevitably wind down the welfare and warfare state.

A lot of libertarians bitch and complain about the current system, but rarely offer any sort of definable road map to achieve their vision. If I see another interview with a Tea Party candidate who's unable to name what they'd cut, I'm going to lose it. How can they cut spending if they've no idea what to cut? Well, it's time we lay it out there in an easy to follow plan.

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bump for re-discussion lol

bump for re-discussion lol


Absolute unmitigated disaster.

Here's where America will be 100 years from now if they adopt this crap.

A 90%+ income tax
A 30%+ sales tax (yes, still temporary after 100 years)
Ten times the departments and agencies we have now
Gun Point enforced national retirement plan with mandatory early death so as not to be a burden past a certain point.
Jobs? Did someone say jobs?

I can't imagine it would get worse than we have now, but then I try to put myself in the 1910's mindset. Shudder the though after 100 years of hindsight.

This is a sad joke. It really isn't funny anymore.


We do not have time for "tinkering."

100% no more no less than strict constitutional government.

Anything else is re-arranging deck chairs.

THIS "PLAN" tells me they have no clue as the principles that will get us out of this mess.

They just want to tweak this here, turn that knob there, push that slide this way...

Hey Olbermann, Calm Down

Please re-read my post with the edits. I tried to make some things more clear. I thought it would be obvious, but that was my mistake.

The idea is to give the people a taste of no income tax to "grow the economy and jobs". It would be a fascinating message and plan. And once we suspend the income tax, the people WILL NEVER WANT IT BACK.

You are right about a national sales tax, as it's dangerous. That's why I'd support tarrifs in the long run but we need something in the short term to pay down the debt.

If you still hate my plan then I'd love to see your actual plan.

Ha, no I'm not Olbermann by a longshot, but my bad, perhaps

I was a bit too haste and harsh.

I didn't catch this was your idea at first, I thought it was a TEA-o-con's.

My bad.

I see your point.

I just don't think we have that kind of time.

Slash and Burn I think is going to be the best policy.

Just put on the brakes hard, fast, and now.

I understand how a transition would be less painful, but our window for that disappeared long ago.

We either suffer greatly as a result of going cold turkey, with a chance to come out on a strong foundation, or we suffer immensely because the whole damn thing just collapses and we're worse off than before with no firm foundation of compass to guide us and no map to follow even if we had a compass.

Cold turkey.

Eliminate all taxes that are not import/export in nature.
Send home everyone that isn't dealing with Article 1 § 8 implementation.
Issue immediate orders for swift but orderly withdrawal of all foreign troops back home.
Close all overseas military bases.
End all foreign aid.
Turn over direct foreign food shipments to private agents.
Issue letters of Marque and Reprisal for remaining "enemies."
Keep only ESSENTIAL personnel at the following departments:

Everyone else gets a pink slip.
Repeal all mandates on the States, as well as puppet string incentives.
End all block grants to States. (end all Federal Subsidies of EVERYTHING)
Dissolve the FED. (wiping out all debt held by them)
Payout all current silver and gold coin rather than FRNs for remaining expenses.
Resume minting to meet demand standard gold and silver and copper coin.
Suspend or terminate all bullion programs.
Demand import/export tax payments in gold or silver coin.
Remaining appropriations get apportioned and requisitioned via direct tax through the States with FULL itemization.
Reconstitute State militias.

You can do all of this and then do lunch.

It isn't hard, it just takes balls.

And there isn't a soul in government with a set big enough to do it.

So we will suffer collapse instead.


Other than the sales tax idea, your plan is fine if we had the time. Sadly, it is already past midnight.

lol @ not Olbermann

As for your ideas, In my plan they would virtually all be done on remaining phases. You should never give up, there's always time to fix things. Nobody will do a road map it seems like. Anyway, I called you Olbermann and now I feel bad so here's some good music.


Mostly commonsense ideas,

Mostly commonsense ideas, which means they'll never happen. Thanks. :)


Why did you have to remind me?

Ya and suspend all grants to

Ya and suspend all grants to study wierd stuff for 2 years, too..