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Harbour collapses into the sea in Chibatão

Freaky is all I can say.


Watch in HD fullscreen, wow!

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So it's not "the sea."

It's the Amazon River in Brazil. Here's a map:

Pretty dramatic though, like a nightmare. Is this what depression is like, people sensing their reality as transient, crumbling away beneath them?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Found this link at above secret dot com

Sorry no time for tinyurl, still babying a one year old with ear infections. Wish me luck getting sleep tonight. :O)

"Dramatic video footage has emerged showing the moment a landslide ripped through the Amazonian port of Chibatão, Manaus, Brazil.

The security camera footage shows the torrential flows of mud that swept through the riverside container terminal in the late morning of Sunday 17 October as maintenance work was being carried out.

Two port workers – 31-year-old Pedro Paulo, and 63-year-old Sílvio Barbosa Silva – were confirmed as missing. However, Carlos Gonzaga, president of Sindicargas, the local stevedores union, said he believed at least 10 people could had been swept to their deaths.

A 300-metre crack occurred along the length of the privately owned river terminal as large areas of the terminal patio gave way and crumbled into the river during the disaster, with containers, chassis and port equipment also swept away. "


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Awesome digging

We're not surface dwellers, we're diggers:-)

Take care Dale, hope the little one gets better soon.

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No problem..just doing my part

that is why I love this place. Stories come out and whoever happens to be around starts digging, no matter the time. This kid better get better soon or I'm going to pull my hair out..LOL

Night all!

I've been trying

Hydrogen Peroxide in the ears anytime they get buggy. (old folklore method?) my ears and my 6yr old son's... seems to work wonders...



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that is something northstar!

I had to mute the volume as I am listening to Mussorgsky's "Pictures from an Exhibition" right now. A much better soundtrack it is. But that clip is crazy. Did it happen recently? I wonder what caused it?!

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Wow northstar. That is freaky.

Earth changes or earth cleansing?