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The Bailout Money and Why You Dont have to Pay Your Mortgage

playlist http://www.youtube.com/user/aodscarecrow#p/c/DF3055D630EF969C


1 of 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SClIwSdUVKs

some great info here: MortgageGate - (BP/Connections) - AIG

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when you/they "loan" a person

(a CORP. btw) credit/money/debt you/them/it takes a major gamble. Esp. when it's done by computer generated mass mail US postal propaganda hedged on bets of "loosing" and raking in high profits from idiot "Americans" & unjustified "interest rates". Hell it's a bigger gamble if there is not even a "contract" signed by both parties involved. Possession is 9 tenths of the "law" so "they" say.


If fraud was the basis of your decision to take the loan, then, there never was a valid contract. I agree that we should upholf our own sense of morality even when everyone around is does not. But, if I or the bank defrauded you into a contract, you have no moral obligation to the contract. They should come back and amend it to make you whole again. Thus, if they convinced you that your house was worth 50% more than reality, they should write it down by 50% and then you finish paying it off.

Just because others are

Just because others are dishonest does not entitle us to do the same. If you borrow money, you have to pay it back.

I wonder if that was the

I wonder if that was the prevailing sentiment as the Boston Tea Party dumped the tea into the Boston harbor?

So, you think sending money to thieves is honorable?

Some random corporation is demanding money from me and promises to sell my house out from under me. They refused to show me a contract or a deed or ANYTHING. ignored me and my attorney. But I should just send them money, because they are so ... deserving? Honest? I offered to pay it back, I was paying it back. THEY defaulted. THEY have obligations, too.

People like you used to hurt my feelings, now you just piss me off. Why is sending money to the banksters who are destroying our nation a good thing in your mind?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Fishy, I agree with you on

Fishy, I agree with you on many things, but you are rationalizing. You become what you fight against.

I agree...

to feed a corrupt system will increase the size and thus will only benifit it. Cut off the money supply. Keep the fight fishyculture!!!

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."


Greg Butt Co.

What a service you do.

What exactly are you trying to 'cultivate'?

And why are you being a first-class jerk to Greg? He made a completely valid comment.

You're still here?

You're still here? pfft.

Where is your outrage at the bank's fraud in all this?
See how people might get the wrong idea about you when you take sides like this?

Have you peeled that Bush/Cheney sticker off the truck yet?

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

I had access to the same

I had access to the same information as everyone else when they were deluding themselves with visions of instant riches that was "guaranteed" to them by an eternally rising housing market. Many of you bought into this collective crowd-driven madness and thought the good times would never end. No one FORCED anyone to sign on to an obviously peaking trend. What stupidity.

Lets see . . .

The made fraudulant loans. They lied about how much your house was worth . . . They won't loan the money to someone who can buy your house . . . Their policies caused you to lose your job . . . They refuse to follow the rule of law . . . they have stole and will soon steal all your money and your kids money through inflation.

Yeah, go ahead and pay them some more money. And while you are giving it away throw some my way.

My friend paid off her liar loan in 5 years. WAMU kept all the money so it took her a year and one half and 5 more thousand for a lawyer just to get the note that they said she never paid and this was back in 2003.

Yeah keep paying, but what if they are not paying the people who really hold your note you just lost a whole lot of more money.


Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

Good response...

makes sense to me...

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

Complete misrepresentation of the facts

The market was going up, up, up just a few short years ago and everyone was crying, "it'll never go down"... Pardon me, but the stupid suckers who managed to buy at the top have no one but themselves to blame for their tunnel vision.

Dear Mr. Smooth as Artificial Cheese

it appears you as well have vision "Underground"?

What post on the DP validates your presence here? Any?

Have you ever

Have you ever managed to mistakenly post an intelligent thought? I've not seen one yet.

Nope - haven't ever tried

I'm not here to pretend.


Under moral circumstances, I would agree with you, but these SOBs are not moral and I will not hold allegiance to these bastards that are robbing us blind and trampling our Constitution.

Only as a free man shall I perish...

A promise is a promise.

I agree- BUT...

The point here is- WHO do you pay it back to? If you continue to make your payments for the next x years until your loan is paid off- you're expecting to receive title/deed. But the bank won't be able to legally transfer the deed because they might not have it- but they have your money! Of course no one will realize this fraud for at least another 10 years (assuming they are up to date on payments and took out a 15 year mortgage) if not for this info coming out now.

Help me out here:

I'm still having problems wrapping my head around the idea that even though I have signed a promissary note with the bank, I am not obligated to make good on my promise to pay.

Somehow my signiture is a tradable asset without the backing of my promise to provide X$ over a defined period of time. It seems to me my signiture has value only BECAUSE I have promised to pay.

I'll be out of town and not be able to respond, but I will monitor comments.

You promised to pay.

They promised to follow the law.

You signed an IOU. The bank that originally held your IOU sold it off (many times to many people, which is fraud), then tore it up. Let me repeat: TORE IT UP. SHREDDED IT. ON PURPOSE. AS REGULAR PRACTICE.

Now, no one is quite sure who actually holds the note. But on the county level, where it counts it's the loan originator because they never bothered to transfer title and pay the transfer fees. The problem is, they can't prove it because, repeat after me, THEY TORE IT UP!

You didn't ask them to tear up the original note.
You didn't tell them to disregard the chain of title.
You didn't tell them to set up a shell "trust" to avoid paying county transfer fees (you try that and see what happens!)

They are in breach of contract.

Both the MERS-as-an-agent and the MERS-as-an-actual mortgagee theories have significant legal problems. If MERS is merely an agent of the actual lender, it is extremely unclear that it has the authority to list itself as a mortgagee or deed of trust beneficiary under state land title recording acts. These statutes do not have provisions authorizing financial institutions to use the name of a shell company, nominee, or some other form of an agent instead of the actual owner of the interest in the land. After all the point of these statutes is to provide a transparent, reliable, record of actual—as opposed to nominal—land ownership.

Conversely, if MERS is actually a mortgagee, then while it may have authority to record mortgages in its own name, both MERS and financial institutions investing in MERS-recorded mortgages run afoul of longstanding precedent on the inseparability of promissory notes and mortgages.


Sounds like a long-winded

Sounds like a long-winded excuse to encourage others to embrace irresponsibility.

All together now: THEY TORE IT UP!

That is right.
Maybe it still exists, maybe they can even find it, bt for some reason they won't show me.
I suspect... all together now...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Okay, here goes.

Now remember, not EVERY mortgage is subect to this, but so far it seems the MERS mortgages ARE.

What the banks did.
They lent you money for your mortage which you signed for.
They then re-reregistered and re-recorded those notes fraudulently, for selling mortgage "bundles" as securities.
THEN, they shredded the original notes, and don't have them anymore.
It's now found that their fraudulent notes are not enforceable because they didn't follow legal procedure, and also have no signature on them.
And they destroyed the original notes which did have the signature on them, so there is no enforceable contract left.

It's as if you had a loan with a buddy, and the buddy called you up and said, "Ok Ron, I've decided I'm going to tear up the loan note." That means the loan contract is null and void, because the LENDER decided that he no longer needed to have the money paid, because he tore up the only enforceable document that he could use to enforce payment.

And that's where it is.
The LENDERS tore up the notes.

Of course, you MAY continue to make payments if you like, and nobody is going to tell you that you can't give your money to some bank if you want to.
But, if your mortgage falls into the category described, then the lender has voided the contract, and you have no legal obligation to pay it.

Our chance to end it.

This is the perfect opportunity to take them down… I have been saying this from the beginning of all of this foreclosure fraud crap. They screwed themselves by trying to screw us and this is our chance to beat them at their own crooked game by running it to them deep!!! This would devastate their criminal asses in a way we could only wish for.
This is our chance to bring them down, the crooked banking cartel, wallstreet and the fed all in one shot. The sooner we reach the bottom the sooner we can start back up.

Only as a free man shall I perish...

You would be equally

You would be equally criminally liable for your part.


Criminal is what our government is and you sound like guberment cheese.

Only as a free man shall I perish...

I hope there are few willing

I hope there are few willing to follow the advice on this thread. You could find your credit ruined and yourself liable for more than the agreement you signed. Try to get out from under your debt in an honest way and you'll be able to look yourself in the mirror the rest of your life knowing you didn't add to the burdens of your children.

Advising people to take the easy way out and pile irresponsibility on top of irresponsibility makes you as bad, or worse than the criminal miscreants you criticize.

Wow! You reveal so much of

Wow! You reveal so much of yourself here. Do you think America should pay the 1 or 2 quadrillion dollars it owes the Federal Reserve?


Have you removed that George Bush bumper sticker yet, Mr. Cheese?

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan