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India Under Attack From US Academia

The Daily Bell
Rise If India

US "Scholars" are like Snakes. Be careful before you let them in ... Recently this news caught my eyes. Panel, Sibal differ on foreign varsity ... The government-appointed Yash Pal committee on higher education has cautioned against allowing foreign universities to set up campuses in India, challenging human resource development minister Kapil Sibal's plans to expedite their entry. In a recommendation that could embarrass the government, the panel has argued that liberalising visa restrictions to allow foreign scholars access to Indian universities may prove more beneficial than letting in foreign universities. The panel has also recommended in its report submitted to Sibal yesterday that any foreign university that sets up a campus here should give an "Indian degree" and follow all rules and regulations binding on Indian universities. – Indian Realist

Dominant Social Theme: India has its Dalits – just as America had its Afro-American slaves. And this should not be tolerated. The West will do what it can to help.

Free-Market Analysis: We must confess if there is one country that remains a mystery to us, it is India. India's former city-states may have hosted some of the world's most ancient advanced cultures and civilizations. But Indian pre-history and archeological evidence has received short shrift in the West. In our view, this is because the country poses many challenges to the current Western-centric paradigm of civilization promoted by the Anglo-American power elite.

In this article, we shall explore this perspective at greater length and also examine how the West may be attacking India once again via a kind of divide-and-conquer stratagem. Obviously such an attack, if it is taking place, has significant ramifications from investment, employment and cultural standpoints. It may even have certain sociopolitical and economic reverberations.


Conclusion: In our humble view, this sort of scientific inquiry should be welcome within the groves of Western academe. Instead, unfortunately, the primary focus of Western universities is organized around private problems and state solutions and intended to encourage the primacy of the Western state as the paragon of civic virtue and the fount of solutions to every kind of problem imaginable. In this sense Western education, as it evolved in the 20th century, is an elite promotion, one intended to manipulate an emergent India. And Indians are right to be suspicious of it.

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I had to login to bump

this. It looks to me that India is the real fly in the ointment. I thought it was Iran thought wouldn't play the NWO game but maybe it is India. I would love to know the REAL reason for this Obama trip.

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