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What will Ron and Rand Paul do now? asks The Hill

By Bernie Quigley - 11/04/10 10:13 AM ET

On the David Asman show last night, Ron Paul was asked what plans he and son Rand had for the new term. He said they had talked about entering legislation together in the Senate and the House on the first day. Half joking, Ron Paul said his son suggested legislation to “end the Fed.”

I think it was St. Paul or maybe Kurt Cobain who said, “There is no such thing as a joke.” They might think of doing just that. Certainly it would not pass, but it would set a benchmark allowing them to graph progress from now into the future.

It would also begin to explain Austrian economics to Congress, to everyone, and it would also establish a beachhead for the reality-based Tea Party. As Ralph Nader has been saying, within the Tea Party there are the committed and conscientious and the horde that follows. Every movement is like this, and this is the beginning of a new movement. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) correctly says, “Turn the ship around,” but McConnell did not in any way turn this ship around. Ron Paul began the turnaround.


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