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Michael Steele claims credit for transforming GOP

Michael Steele won’t officially say he’s running for a second term as chair of the Republican National Committee, but an interview with reporters at his Capitol Hill offices Friday afternoon made it clear that he’s eager to defend his record if he does.

Steele spent more than 30 minutes at the beginning of the session touting his record over the last two years, aiming to disarm critics within his own party who say he has been an ineffective chairman whose failures have been covered up by a historic wave election.

Steele cast himself as responsible for a large portion of the GOP’s success, at one point comparing the RNC and the state Republican parties to the U.S. Marine Corps.

“What we do is to go where no one will go and do what others can’t do to secure the victory,” Steele said, saying he invested in parts of the country that have not usually been Republican strongholds.


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......... oh stop........ you're killing me.....

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