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POLL: Who should be the leader of the tea party: Rand Paul or Marco Rubio?

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Forget The Herd Mentality

Forget the herd mentality lest the sins of others become your sins.
The strength of the tea party is it has many leaders. Don't accept the statist way, the surest way to become irrelevant.

Rand Paul 74%

Rand Paul. He is much more into open tea party rhetoric than Rubio, and if the tea party wants somebody loud who is going to get attention, Rand Paul is their man. (3033 responses)


Marco Rubio. Rubio believes in tea party principles, but he doesn't come across as an extremist. He could help to give the tea party a more mainstream image. (1093 responses)


4126 total responses

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Isn't it an event

not an organization

we are all leaders

Ron Rand Michael(Nystrom)...

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No central leader is best. Many leaders are better than one.

Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. We are all capable of being leaders. Be ready to step up when the opportunity comes along.

We don't need no stinkin'

We don't need no stinkin' leaders...but I'll vote for Rand in the poll anyway.

My Pick Would Be Rand Paul, Simply Because He Is Ron Paul's


But seriously, what exactly are the Tea Party's principles?


Who should be head of the Tea Party?

How about just,"WE THE PEOPLE!"

Or maybe Ichabod Crane.

I hear you,

but it's still getting Rand's name out there.


Enough said: there is no "Tea

Enough said: there is no "Tea Party" per se but Rand's popularity grows every day

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nice twitter!

hadn't seen it.

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what's the diff ?

both will see Americans starving in the street before the military or Israel is denied one dime.

Rubio for sure. Not sure

Rubio for sure. Not sure about Rand. I will wait and see. Other than Dr Ron you are right about the rest of congress and the executive branch. Isreal, who by the way is in charge of our military, will keep sucking the life blood out of America. I have recently read they (Isreal)are purchasing several F-35 jets with an option to buy up to 75 more. Actually they own them all due to the fact they own us. They will just station up to 75 in Isreal. I have also read that real estate in Isreal is increasing in value faster than any other country except perhaps China. Like you said, as we starve. When will America wake up? How much worse does it have to get?

How many times do we have to discuss this?

There are no leaders of the Tea Party.
Say it again. There are no leaders for the Tea Party.

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with all due respect, there is NO tea party!

We, the people are taxed enough already citizens tired of the non-partisanship of government. We are tired of the duopolistic rut that our country lives in.

We must change the paradigm right now!

There is NO tea party.

We are frustrated and MAD taxed enough already citizens.

Saying "tea" party takes away from our, the people's true intent and will to reduce taxes by reducing government.

Saying tea party minimizes our cause because it confuses.

These taxes can only be reduced by ceasing the empire building, ceasing the Wars that our halliburton, harriman, and brown and root killers in washington project against the world.

We, the people are taxed enough already!

Stay focused!!!

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this is what you must "get"...

We, the people are the leaders of the taxed enough already movement that is sweeping this country clean of corruption!

no rand paul or mark rubio or any other localized person will EVER lead this movement as a whole and THAT, that is what is frustrating to the powers that be...they can not kill us

now, that being said, Ron Paul is, and always has been, my leader, my voice, and my "reason" in an insane political world but he is smart enough to know that the powers that be are looking for a "head" to focus on
identify a head of a movement and the head can be silenced...witness, king, kennedy, etc.

RP stays republican and, for now, he must stay

the war that the "establishment" wages on the taxed enough already movement is like fighting a war on poverty or a war on terror...where does it end?

we are the boogey man now...boo!

attempting to identify a "leader" now would be counterproductive and unrealistic

Why do you run away from Ron? RP is the reason his son is a Senator and a big part of every "awakening" election, including Florida.

RP leads a "movement". He is not the leader of a party that does not exist. He is the leader of a "movement" that is steamrolling corruption. Not only did we, the people beging to rise up and take control of this country but we also forced maggots like chris dodd and his ilk out of politics!

This is a beginning, not an end.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
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Ecorob..that was excellent.

Ecorob..that was excellent. You voiced my sentiments just about exactly. Amen, Bro.

The neo cons must have got on that survey

Rand was winning by a big margin the last time I saw it.