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America, did you hear about the recent tax increase?

A Good article. The third graph tells all. There's also a list entitled "The new GOP Congress must do the following" with how much needs to be cut in six specific areas. Seeing the actual amounts we're talking about here (today anyway, who knows what it'll be tomorrow?) gave me a certain kind of hope that maybe, just maybe, we'll lick this thing.


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author forgot to link to video @ end.

    how strange.

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    video at this link

    the video is up at the original link which is http://www.rightcondition.com/2010/11/america-did-you-hear-a...

    printing money = inflation

    inflation is the biggest tax on the people.

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    There will be little or none

    There will be little or none signs of inflation. In few days at the G20 summit China, Germany, Russia, Brazil will negotiate behind the scenes to get what they want (military deals, resources, public recognition of some land disputes, etc)...and some countries will simply bow to military threats...so everything will be fine for at least one year.

    Obviously, you do not shop at

    Obviously, you do not shop at grocery stores. Butter just went up 33%. I hear milk went much higher, too. ALL produce in the past 2 years has gone up at least 150% and some over 300%. That is the truth.

    ??????? Where do you live

    ??????? Where do you live dude ? Give me your address and I send you milk...I can get it for $1.99 a gallon.

    And the butter went up 33%...what's that,like 7 cents a pound ? I don't know what world are you living in, but I see no significant increase in prices...

    Another increase

    Has anyone priced tires lately?If you are traveling long distance and think you may have to buy a tire in the outbacks of the U.S.,You better have at least 200.00 ready to buy just one.

    If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

    Darn, they told me today

    I need tires.

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    Bump for later.

    I like the general idea, but why stop at 50% cuts?

    You lose the high ground.

    Arguing over #'s is tinkering.

    We need to be debating principle and policy, not digits.

    ELIMINATE that stuff.

    Keep general government (and trim its fat too) and reconstitute the State militias.

    On the Pentagon front, bring everyone home, close all overseas bases, (sell them actually) and then re-assess what you need considering the new State militia organizations. At the least, you can dismantle the Army. (save maybe a few special forces units) put the Air-Force back under the Navy, cut the Coast Guard loose back to Treasury, and reduce the marines to special forces units under the Navy.

    problem solved.

    Anything else is to be handled at the state level.

    If you prefer, a 6 month - 1 year heads up should be sufficient for States to get their act together to handle any and all social programs they want to take over or do themselves.

    But don't just tinker with numbers. If you don't address the legitimacy of the spending in the first place, you have lost before you started and the number will be no where NEAR 50%.

    Inflation Tax = Counterfeit Tax

    Just call it the Counterfeiting Federal Reserve Inflation Tax.

    Like a thief stealing from you... then the thief tosses you a few measly coins while he walks away in the new suit paid for by you.

    This is the grand criminal racket run by the Fed. It is an "indirect" attack on you so that they can turn around and feed you "hand to mouth".

    How does it feel to be a slave to the foreign banking interests in the country conquered by your forefathers?

    How does it feel to have to beg them for a few coins while they steal your savings/retirement by devaluing through counterfeiting and tax everything you have?

    Today when the DOW is up it is only a reflection of inflation, it is not from increase GDP or real added value. Of course stocks cost more, your money is being debased.

    The best part is when you go to sell your stocks, the value will be more/less the same, but the cash value will be much greater... thus your tax will be much greater... even though the underlying value of those stocks has not really appreciated in terms of how much gold or silver you could buy with the same.

    Welcome to slavery. What is yours is not yours.

    It belongs to foreign banking interests first, and the government second.

    Silly you thought you might leave something substantial to your kids. Aint going to happen!

    You are now officially a slave to the foreign banking interests in the country conquered by your forefathers?

    And your children shall be slaughtered and consumed as mere commodities by the global syndicate.