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"The Equal Party" - looks better than Tea

JUBILEE. I believe that is our only hope. I understand some of you still think picking new sharks will make the pool a better place to swim. For you:




The EQUAL Party is the solution.

The problem is that our United States of America is controlled by a criminally corrupted system: The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are the left hand and the right hand of a criminal body whose head is the top bankers.

The only nonviolent way to defeat them is by installing an honest government wedded to the U.S. Constitution. Then our new honest government can put a stop to the 2-party-corporate-criminal system.

The EQUAL Party is dedicated to We The People achieving a true representative democracy.

The EQUAL Party offers the two essentials:

1. The way to win the election in 2012.

2. The way to govern honestly, openly, and wisely — for We The People.

(For more on the way to win and the way to govern, please click on the “Action” and “Core Group” tabs atop this page.)

We welcome everyone. Each person is EQUAL. Each citizen has one vote. Each vote is EQUAL. Corporations are NOT persons. CEOs are not special citizens with special rights. The wealthiest among us are not special citizens with special rights. We are EQUAL, with EQUAL rights. The EQUAL Party will ensure this."

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Joη's picture

come muscovite!

    let the workers unite!
    A collective regime of peace and love!
    Some parties are more equal than others.

    "You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

    It doesn't matter what you

    It doesn't matter what you call the party or what ideas it purports, unless you change the laws that favor the Ds and Rs 3rd parties will never get anywhere.

    I believe Libertarian party

    I believe Libertarian party may have the best chance to grow now..who knows?