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Masaru Emoto - The Healing power of water

Several years ago there was a program on our local public access tv station. A guy was showing a book by Dr. Masaru Emoto. I can't remember the exact title. He has apparently written a few since then.

The book showed water molecules photographed under an electron microscope, after the water had certain types of music played to it, prayers offered to it, as well as certain words spoken to, or written on the bottle.

Several samples of water were taken from ancient healing springs in Japan, to rivers that flowed through Tokyo, and different places from around the world.

Some have called this junk science, or new age nonsense, and have viciously attacked Dr.Masaru, saying that his results have never been "peer reviewed" etc.

I think that if we are supposed to be around 90% water when we are born, and about 50% water when we die, then it is time to take a serious look at what the potential of what this man's work could mean. I find it fascinating personally.

I was wondering if anyone else was familiar with Dr. Masaru's work, and can tell me the exact name of the coffee table sized book, that I am trying to describe. I would like to buy it as a gift.

Meanwhile, here is a youtube featuring some of his work, and a link to his website which shows water molecules, after they have had different national anthems played to them.
Masaru Emoto - The Healing power of water

Dr. Masaru's website
(scroll to bottom of the page to see National Anthem Water Crystal Movies)

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Shadows of the Mind

I've always been intrigued by Masaru's work since it relates to Sir Roger Penrose's model of human consciousness (with highly aligned water molecules causing quantum-states in photons) -

No Prayer Needed....

John Ellis has a machine that purifies water back to it's original form with a molecule bond angle of 114 degrees...thats the whole key to pure healing water. No other purifier does this. Hospitals the military and research centers buy his machines.
http://www.johnellis.com I know his writing skills are lacking as his web design but it is what it is.But the science shows that it does what it says...

One of my best friends has one of his distillers and doesn't drop that kind of money unless he knows its worth it....Heres one on eBay they are all made by Ellis himself and are not cheap but worth it.


Hey thanks so much for posting, I have never seen this before.

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I bought Dr. Masaru Emoto's

I bought Dr. Masaru Emoto's book entitled "The Hidden Messages in Water" about 5 years ago. I bought the book through New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland, OR. It is in paperback but has all of the color photos.
ISBN 1-58270-114-8

I believe that thoughts are indeed things and that the thoughts we hold have a profound affect on our individual experience as human beings. For me, the photographic evidence contained in Emoto's book reinforces that notion.

Thanks Gil...

I can't tell if it is "Messages in Water" or "Hidden messages in water" Was your book larger than the average book? Like something you would find on a coffee table?

Mine is a typical smallish

Mine is a typical smallish paperback, 8" X 4-1/2". I bought it a while back, so maybe a larger version of it is out there somewhere. The original was published in Japanese by Sunmark Publishing, Inc. (Tokyo, 2001), "Mizu Wa Kotae Wo Shitteiru" by Masaru Emoto. The book I have was translated and published by Beyond Words Publishing, Hillsboro, OR, here's a link to their Masaru Emoto products:


Thanks again...

I'll check it out. Fascinating stuff IMO.

Messages from Water

Messages from Water


It has been several years, but I could have sworn it was a much larger coffee table sized book.
The description of the book from the title you provided, sounds like it though.

Real interesting stuff

When i first heard of his work i thought it was pretty heavy stuff, but after a little research i found out that this guy is probably just trying to make a buck. I wouldn't get too excited about HIM but the potential of water as far as possibly being a universal hard drive and things of that nature are ridiculously interesting.

What reminded me of it

was this video.

It is of some guy who is trying to "heal the waters of the gulf" with some sort of Tesla frequency machine he built, that he is aiming at the water.

The guy could be a total nut, or he could be a genius.

Interesting to say the least.
Scientist John Hutchison Uses Frequency Healing to Restore The Gulf After BP Oil Spill

There is an older and SUPER

There is an older and SUPER movie you can get called "What the {BLEEP}Do We Know". This movie showed much of this experiment, along with other things. I disliked the main actress in it, but the movie is super, and if you have not seen it, you really should, imo.

You disliked the deaf

You disliked the deaf actress?



Marlee Matlin was the

Marlee Matlin was the actress. I thought she did a pretty good job of playing a woman who didn't like herself.

Haha. You usually don't find

Haha. You usually don't find people are so, er... honest. I thought she sold it