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Cable subscribers flee

NEW YORK (AP) -- Cable companies have been losing TV subscribers at an ever faster rate in the last few months, and satellite TV isn't picking up the slack.

The price cable TV has risen to the point where it's simply not affordable to lots of lower-income homes. And right now there are an awful lot of lower-income homes," Moffett said. "The evidence suggests that what we're seeing is a poverty problem rather than a technology phenomenon."


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Got rid of

Cable TV about 1 month ago. No More $130 Bills (Cable and Internet) I just pay $29 per month for High Speed Internet (6 Month Promo) and will be signing up with Net Flicks. Designing My new entertainment system around a multimedia PC! Stream it all. The TV Model is dead. All stations need to stream...for free!

TV/Internet/Video Games

it will all merge into one unit. The Cable/Satellite TV model we see now, as well as internet will change dramatically over the next decade. It will have to. The broadcast TV model can't exist much longer...and the pay TV models from cable & satellite can't either.

It will all change and merge together. You can watch "TV", download movies, play games, surf the net...all in one spot. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

Already happened. They called

Already happened. They called it the "iPhone". :)

There is basically

no good content on the TV, whether it be cable or satellite or whatever. It doesn't matter what the delivery method is, if the content all sucks.

If you press most people on the subject, they will even admit that their favorite shows are all shit, and they just watch things to zone-out, or wind-down, or avoid talking to their spouse.
Face it, it all sucks, and everybody knows it.

The internet is where it's at.

so true

I cancelled my cable the day after FOX censored Ron Paul in re-broadcast. I hooked my computer up to my tv and now I SEEK what I want to watch instead of sitting in front of a screen consuming commercials and garbage.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

yes...absolutely NOTHING to

yes...absolutely NOTHING to watch on TV, no half normal person have reasons to watch cable.

Internet has free sports,free news, free movies (or Netflix)...all kinds of entertainment...who the hell needs American Idol, Keeping Up with the Kardashians or Countdown's Keith Olbermann ?

There will probably be

There will probably be continued consolidation (mergers and leveraged buyouts) among cable, satellite, wireless and Internet providers to ride this trend. I think mega-corporations like Apple, Microsoft and Google may continue to make large sideline investments as a way of protecting their ability to deliver and control delivery of content directly to consumers. Obviously, with most tech companies looking to duplicate Apple's app store success which will include single-applications acting like "channels", they'll want to completely own the customer from end to end.

Poverty isn't the only problem.

I hate my cable company. They behave with all the arrogance that a government-imposed monopoly would be expected to have. I switched to satellite 10 years ago, then gave that up back in '08 when I realized how little of it I actually cared to watch anymore. The net is way better.

Or perhaps they can't fathom that the Internet is redefining

the broadcast model?

Maybe people just find they don't need 9,000 channels since there isn't crap on them anyway?

Rabbit ears and converter if necessary that even Uncle Sam will help pay for are all most people need anyway.

Most cable only channels are starting to offer their shows online now, and services like Hulu and Netflix are filling in the slack.

Seriously, the model that cable and satellite are based on is dead.

Satellite will stick around because it works for remote areas.

Cable may hang around as an ISP, but that's about it. And then, its only advantage is distance. Signal strength and quality leave much to be desired in highly populated areas. DSL is much more reliable for that market anyway.

They have priced themselves out of business.

And at the same time, you no longer need cable to provide decent signals.

So people are doing the natural thing - when money is tight, cable is a luxury.

I think very soon you'll be

I think very soon you'll be able to pay by the episode or buy a season pass for literally any program, and you'll probably also be able to 'buy' free programs with highly targeted advertising supporting content delivery (a cross between Netflix, the iTunes store and Google TV).