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Feel Good: Echoes of Ron Paul's 2008 campaign in 2010

Echoes of Ron Paul's 2008 presidential campaign in the 2010 midterms
by W. E. Messamore
Sat, Nov 06th 2010

In 2007, Ron Paul captivated grassroots activists everywhere with his darkhorse campaign for the Republican Party's presidential nomination. He was an obscure, ten-term Congressman from Texas who had never gotten a single bill passed and who was called "Dr. No" on Capitol Hill for frequently ending up on the losing end of 434-1 votes.

Yet, his message of fiscal conservativism (or really his record of actually legislating fiscal conservatism instead of just talking about it on the campaign trail), individual liberty, and the Constitutional rule of law resounded with voters.

In the final quarter of 2007, Ron Paul ended up setting a fundraising record when grassroots supporters organized a "money bomb," a single day of mass online donations, which netted Paul's campaign $4.3 million in one day on November 5th.



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