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Issue Overload..I think we should do something.

Over the past two weeks, so much is coming out about what is going on in this country we live in. The NWO plot thickens, many things exposed about the Bilderberg, CFR, connections to the Fed, the FED itself, politicians and Congress conspiring, GMO problems, Gulf catastrophes, fracking (which is HORRIBLE and happening in AR), gold and silver manipulations, manipulations we are doing in other countries, corporate frauds, voter frauds, vaccine and drug potions seem to be harming, invention and cure suppressions, and MANY more things going on AND ON, that need attention and recognition brought to them before any of it can be stopped. As we know, MANY people are unaware or afraid and do not even care about 90% of these things. Yesterday I was stocking up on coffee and muttered a few things about what the FED had just done. Of the two people who heard me, one ran quickly away, and one would not look me in the eyes while muttering herself that we could do nothing about it.

Here is what I say. Each one of us NEEDS to grab one of these issues and follow through with activism on it. We are already aware, and I am NOT saying that many of us are not already doing a LOT. Just maybe, however, we are spreading ourselves too thinly. Perhaps, one effort on one issue would reap more benefit than an effort on these many issues--as long as we knew someone was working on the others.

I am going to do the Gas fracking in my community. I am going to talk to the mayor and the City Council, and will call the county commissioners. I guess I will call the State Government (dunno who) and even the water department. I will have to step out of my comfort zone to do this. My comfort zone seems to be around the term "lazy". I am not afraid to make my views known, nor am I afraid of nor inept at public speaking. I am not even afraid of ridicule or imprisonment. I have done much before, but not by myself, and in too many arenas.

What say ye?

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Seems like things are

moving so fast that we are in collapse mode.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

bump for activism

I will focus on finding great Ron Paul videos and spreading them around just what I have been doing here and other places the last 24 hours.

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Well, I tend to agree

that many things can be worked-on.

Of course, some of us have been at this awhile, like over 30 years, and have tried doing alot of things.

The real scary part comes when you put the information right in front of peoples' faces, and they know what you are saying, and none of them care.

That's when you really recognize where we're at.

Certainly, we still have to try.
But, it is a very sobering experience.

BigT, I know, I know..but I

BigT, I know, I know..but I am thinking it is not like they do not care. They are in apathy, really do not think they can DO anything anyway, and in fact, do not want to do anything. If they say they don't care, I think it is better than the ones who are too scared to listen in the first place. See, they are lying. They do not NOT care about every single issue..there are too many. A few, they would admit, they care about. However, if they care, they HAVE to not be lazy and they have to think. This is what they do not want to do, because it is uncomfortable AND to them, futile. That is why I would like us to focus on one issue. We do not have that mentality (too much). Perhaps if we each LOCALLY focused on ONE, we could get them to admit they care and join in.


The way to go about this is to work with whatever number of directly-affected people as you can assemble together as a core group. Even if it's very small.
Then make up some name for your group.
Like, "Local Citizens Against Fracking", or whatever.
Then act like there are more of you in the group than there are. Make it seem like it's a big group. Make petitions and see how many signatures you can get
Generally, try to appear BIG.

Work the commission meetings, and have protests, and stuff like that.
Use the 60s activist models. Be seen alot.

Then if you are lucky, you can get more interested people on the bandwagon, and maybe it will grow. Try to leverage your influence by getting your people elected onto the commission, or put up a referendum vote on the ballot next time, and stuff like that.

Who knows?
You might get some results.