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Vote if Should MSNBC reinstate Keith Olbermann?

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Glad he's gone. Another rat will replace him as the mouthpiece and script reader for the system. Did it ever appear to you that his glasses were fake?

Meet the new boss....same as the old boss.


He has made his bed and he can lay in it. He would be a good kindergarten teacher imo.

He will not repent of his sins anyway imo.

Herr Olbermann attacks on RP were over the top and his buddy Herr Schultz can take over ...because he, '..knows nothing, knows nothing' ;)


Reinstate him

I have friends that like him and if they want to listen to his histrionics let them i say...he was against the war early on...though now its not a big issue for him...wonder why?

Doesn't matter either way.

Why vote on it, self-gratification over telling a media guy to piss off? Yep, activism at its best- way to go champs.

Olbermann's loyal fans will flood the thing and vote to keep him. The right wing will come in and vote to keep him out. Just another toy for the hamsters to play with, and you are following suit like good little rodents.

From my standpoint, I don't care who he donated his money to. That's his prerogative. If he violated the ethics clause of his contract, the company should take punitive action. Nothing the public says matters.

Were it my decision, I would can him for contract violation. He gets paid enough and signed the dotted line- he knew the score. This is a business deal between corporate and an employee. Let THEM deal with it. I, for one, have better things to do.

great comment but...

I agree with what you are saying, but the end of your comment somewhat sounds like the ol "well if it's illegal it's wrong". There's something to be sad of right and wrong beyond legality or corporate policy -- it matters what's good for society and what's not.

It's a major news network responsible for educating and informing millions of citizens. What if the host is good and the policy he violated most disagree with?

Are we to allow a major company with such a civil responsibility to silence someone who happens to expose the military industrial complex merely because he "broke" a corporate rule?

And to participate with our voices makes us rodents? Seriously, we should be engaging much more, attempting to persuade & co-opt, and fighting for those (even if they disagree with us politically) who shine at least some truth to the public. From Olbermann to Beck.


My comment is not about "oh well if it's illegal, it's wrong."

My comment is "this is a private business matter between two entities which is none of our affair."

I would not intervene in their business affairs anymore than I would intervene in yours. If Olbermann was Country A in a dispute with Country B (his employer), would you suddenly intervene into the argument and break up the fight? It doesn't work out so good for the peacekeepers if you haven't noticed.

Voicing outcry between the 2 parties is a species of intervention, and I won't trade one type for another, regardless of how benign it seems.

I have better things to be worrying over than a media celebrity, or snooki, or the latest hairstyle that can get you laid according to MSN. You know, things like ... preparing for an imminent economic collapse.

They have a contract and mechanisms to arbitrate it, let THEM fight it out.

powerful comment

i agree, the question is did he actually know he was violating a contract.

i would hate to violate some unknown contract that my employer supposedly foisted upon me, and then get fired because i didn't even realize i was violating the contract.

What difference does it make if they keep him fired? Most likely, they will replace him with a person even worse. Unless they happen to replace him with that one reasonable fellow who doesn't like the banks and the fed, whose name eludes me at the moment, the propaganda will not change.

I say KEEP him

if he exposed this:


"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

SteveMT's picture

I voted no, but see your point quilting.

He maybe more valuable on the air than off if he will continue to expose Bush/Cheney/Halliburton military-industrial complex raping the environmental connection.

Clean water is precious.

They should

As an individual, he should be able to do what he wants with his money. That said... he's still a turd.



yea I'm voting for him to get

yea I'm voting for him to get fired..