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Let's Talk Strategy For 2012

This is a brainstorming post to develop ideas to help get Ron Paul elected.

Money Bombs. They are vitally important to funding his campaign.
However, I believe we also need to contribute in non-direct ways as
...well. This means that as volunteers and organizers, we need to pool
resources as well to supplement the campaign's efforts.

2. Form a
Non-Connected PAC. The purpose will be to raise money for our own
efforts such as promoting money bombs using traditional media like TV,
Radio, Facebook Ads, etc. By promoting these money bombs, we can direct
the general public to contribute to the official Ron Paul campaign and
to our own PAC. I think 2008 money bombs would have been even higher if
we had TV ads promoting them, etc. Plus the secondary impact of the ads
will have people learning more about Ron Paul. Here is information on
forming a PAC: http://www.fec.gov/pdf/nongui.pdf

Reference to Fox News. We need to engage in a targeted media bomb as
well. To do this, we must find every article, video, etc., on Fox News
website and link those articles everywhere to get website hits to Fox.
The result will be Fox will see this surge in traffic to their site and
see that the traffic is to Ron Paul related content. In response, Fox
will want to put more Ron Paul material up and to have him on their
channel more often since it drives ratings both on the web and on TV. So
start finding videos on foxnews.com and cross-posting them.

Re-purposing Signs. We can do a great community service by collecting
any political signs that are still up after the last elections and after
the take down dates required by the local city or counties the signs
are in. Most are around 7 days. Take the signs down and the rebar/posts
that they are on. Save these for a future date when we can do a sign
bomb at once. The signs themselves should later be placed in districts
that are most heavily republican to get Ron past the primaries. This
will have the most impact.

5. Create an action calendar ahead of
time. This allows everyone to find out what's going on and when. So if
we are targeting the first states to host primaries, we need to know
that so that PAC ads can be spent on those days in those states, so
Facebook Ad buys can be targeted to people in those states, etc.

Please add your ideas as well. Also, remember to promote the fact that Rasmussen has Ron Paul within 2 points of Barack Obama 41% to 43% and that he is the winner of the CPAC 2010 Presidential Straw Poll: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/02/20/ron-paul-wins-pre... <---an example of cross-posting from Fox News as part of step 3.

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