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Dr. Ron Paul says: The Fed Will 'Self Destruct,' Policy 'Deeply Flawed'

The Federal Reserve is “self-destructing” through of its efforts to jump-start the US economy with more monetary easing, Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), told CNBC Monday.

Paul said the Fed’s decision last Wednesday to spend an additional $600 billion in quantitative easing—buying Treasurys to lower interest rates—won't work and will destroy the dollar's value around the world.

“They (the Fed) can’t manage a dollar like this,” said Paul. “People are going to desert the dollar. I think the Chinese are hinting that already: They’re not wanting our dollars as much as they want raw materials and other things."


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Didnt watch it...

But, if the Fed's policy is going to cause it (the FED) to self-destruct, then isn't that a good thing? Im not complaining....

"Qui audet adipiscitur"

I wish Dr. Paul would shut up.

Dr. Paul is my hero, but he is talking too much. Can't he wait until he is officially the chair of monetary policy before drawing undue attention to himself. All this talk on national media will make him an even more controversial figure in giving him the chairmanship. This gives the Republicans an excuse not to hand him the chair. Maybe that is the plan.

It was

good to read several comments in support of Ron Paul...
They were also many anti-Paul comments....geesh!

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Interesting that CNBC is mentioning Dr. Paul more and more!

Another good quote from this interview:

"About Bernanke's statement that he wants four percent inflation, Paul said: "When he gets to four and decides to go to eight, there's no way they can stop it. If they withdraw, it might make things worse. They think they have control. They don't."

they can see that the game is over

they watch gold and silver explode...and they want to be on the right side.

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Exactly. This issue is

Exactly. This issue is gaining ground as it should be.

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Resources are the prize behind monetary manipulation.

"They’re not wanting our dollars as much as they want raw materials and other things."

"We lease your land; we lease it all up"
(economic warfare and resource acquizition)

We will be facing environmental pressures and ...

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