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Drs. Ron AND Rand Paul, TOGETHER on Freedom Watch, Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010

The Judge just announced it this morning, during a segment on TSA FullBody Radioactive PornoScanners, at 02:55 mark:


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I am amazed

when I think back to '07, and then look at where we are now.

we are winning, slowly but

we are winning, slowly but surely!

that indeed.

we are winning.

hopefully there will be a critical mass of awakened American citizenry after 6 months of GOP House majority, and see IF they actually live up to their pledge.

OR, as expected, ALL EXCEPT the Pauls, GOP/Dems equally LIE and CHEAT, again.

Disillusionment, en masse, will mark the true phase 2 of the American Revolution 2.0.

the elite just hate this..

the elite just hate this.. You have a huge media source to get the liberty message into the mainstream..

that they do

Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!!!

The Judge announces it at

02:55 min. mark.

just an update