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"False Flag" missile launch on the west coast...

(Nov. 9) -- An unexplained missile shot across the sky off the coast of Los Angeles and was caught on video by a CBS News traffic helicopter during Monday night's rush hour. Today, the missile is still a mystery. A Navy spokesman told CBS affiliate KFMB that it was not theirs, and so far the Pentagon has not been able to explain it either. The missile was reportedly about 35 miles west of L.A. and just north of Catalina Island.

NBC's Pentagon correspondent, Jim Miklaszewski, reports that a missile launch would not have been planned so close to a major city, and at the very least, residents would have been warned a test was imminent. A senior Pentagon official told him, "This is bizarre."


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False Flag Missile


There are no 1LTs in the Navy. This story is a hoax.

for what it is worth...

November 10, 2010
By Steve Quayle

Never, in the History of the US, has the Term Pile it higher and deeper been more pronounced on the "Manure Madness scale", then is now being played out before our eyes! Back ground : All missiles leave fingerprints as to type,speed fuels used, and Telemetry signals or Arming codes and Points of Launch . For NORAD to make the Claim that "they know nothing" is a Sargent Schultz moment Par Excellent-- We have satellites and scanners that can read every inch of a missile in flight. North Korea has Diesel/electric submarines virtually undetectable off our Territorial waters continually as well as China, Russia, and Iran. The U.S.militaries, remote sensing capabilities are the Best in the world so the "Gee we don't know whats going on or what happened" is like Aaron in the Old Testament saying that he didn't understand where the Golden Calf came from even though he was the one that- "FASHIONED IT" The Politicians have long learned that giving the people what they want even when it ultimately kills them is always easier then taking a stand for what's right.The internal wars in the US military,Special operations and Private contractors are daily events--Training accidents,equipment failures and every other excuse and in your face lie is offered up with no regards to Truth- Heres an E-mail from a Listener who monitors Military Frequencies-STEVE, I HEARD THE ALERTS FROM NORAD GO UP WHEN THIS MISSILE WAS FIRED. THE MILITARY TOOK IT SERIOUSLY. IF I GET CLARIFICATION ON WHO LAUNCHED IT I WILL LET YOU KNOW! Steve, For what is worth I thought I would share my thoughts on the mysterious apparent missile contrail sighted the other day. These thoughts are based on my military and flying experience of 30 years or so. As you know I am a Captain at one of the largest airlines in the world so I have seen quite a number of strange things as well as a number of missile and NASA rocket launches from the ground and the air. First, the scenario of a major world power's submarine launching the missile either intentionally or unintentionally seems unlikely due to the proximity to the coast line of the suspected launch. SSBM subs (boomers) do not approach the coast lines for launchings. They are tactically better served to launch from a station far from the coast where they can hide and not be detected. There is no reason to get close to the coast because these weapons have very long ranges and security would be compromised. Second, the scenario of one of our subs launching the missile is a plausible one but only if done accidentally. Accidents do happen but it is highly unlikely one of our Tridents let one fly accidentally. Perhaps an intentional launch by one of ours, again highly unlikely since these launches are done clear of aviation traffic and "Notice to Airmen" NOTAMs are published for planned launches and airspace is shut down, this did not occur. Thirdly, a civilian knuckle head may have launched the possible missile. If this was the case from what I have seen from rocket and missile launches, the "knucklehead von Braun" would have had to build a really big "SPECTRE-esque" (think James Bond plots) humdinger of a rocket to give off that contrail signature. Possible, yes but again highly unlikely. That leaves my last "conventional" scenario. Fourth, a rogue nation or group may have planned the launch possibly coupled with an EMP device. If a group planned such an attack they may have picked a slightly better location but perhaps the launch location was dictated by their circumstances and capabilities to get the device on station. If this scenario is correct then it appears to have been a partial failure. I doubt any group would test their scenario (like this event occurred) because it would give away too much Intel on their intentions. Either the rogue group screwed up the launch or perhaps we have some advanced special technology that was used to throw the launch/targeting off. We both know this technology does exist and may have been used from sub-orbit.(Thank You D.) SQ speaking now-- It is my opinion at this point that based on the Trajectory of the Missile and or Missiles, it was an intercept most likely by a Group in our Military not under the command of NORAD or the Pentagon who has override capability--It appears that it was a combined North Korean/Iran combined submarine launch attempt at an EMP Strike on West Coast--Obviously technology has been sold to Both Nations as an attempt to give them incapacitating short Range Cruise style missiles! What most people are failing to reference is that a similar unexplained missile launch seems to have taken place several days earlier from Luke AFB in Arizona same interesting contrail plume.Von Clausewitz in his Classic book "ON WAR" stated that when goods don't cross borders armies do! When International currencies fail,wars arise and Ladies and Gentleman--we are at the Breaking Point,Tipping point and very soon at the Point of no return! Our Planetary Plundering with Paper Dollars is about to bite us in the bottom like we have never experienced before and there will be nothing left to bend over and kiss goodbye!

Can you hear me now?

I've told you all why they are saying "It's an airplane" or anything other than what it really was in previous comments on this thread.

In the movie, 1984, what was the "response" to, "is Oceania at war with Eurasia?"

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia?

If I won, please send prize to....

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

Official word from the Pentagon has now been released

The Pentagon claims the "Mystery Missile was probably an airplane"

Associated Press Release

airplane my a**


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that is as rediculous as

that is as rediculous as Sandra saying it was a home made toy..

Agreed, but enough people

Agreed, but enough people will buy it because they want to and a panic will be averted. If it was, in fact, China who was sending us a warning, they will do everything they can to downplay this event so people will forget about it. But I think it spells a new direction for our nation in the coming weeks. Things are looking increasingly dire.

I agree

just imagine if they said it was China...mass panic buying of food gasoline e.t.c...I think the price of gold and silver would go through the roof.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Their lie isn't stopping me from finalizing my preps

and I don't expect it would stop anyone else either.

Though it will avert mass panic.

Look at it this way:

The lie allows those of us who are awake to acquire needed supplies last minute without a mad rush at the store - higher prices, or simply lack of availability.

This really is an opportunity to make preps and "beat the rush" because as soon as something does happen, if you aren't already "ready" you're not ever gonna be.

I agree 100% Sam.... 100%

I agree 100% Sam.... 100%

This reminds me of TWA flight 800

Hundreds of witnesses testified about a visible smoke trail that came up and met flight 800, and knocked it out of the sky.
TPTB came out with a convenient computer animation, that showed how some sort of sparks caught the fuel tanks on fire.
Nevermind the hundreds of people that were sitting on their porches on the evening flight 800 was shot down.

This whole business of the Pentagon, and everyone else being "puzzled" is beyond ludicrous.

Then again, if NORAD can supposedly lose track of 4 large jet airliners over the course of 2 hours on 9/11, then who knows what the depths of incompetence are?

If they can lose control of several nuclear launch sites, then who knows?

If they can accidentally load nuclear weapons on a plane and fly them across the country, then who knows?

I seriously doubt there is "incompetence" to blame here. It smells fishy. Gulf coast, Corexit poisoned dead fish, fishy.

If it WAS "foreign", then who might have the technology to pull something like this off?

The uninvited guest: Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise, leaving military chiefs red-faced

Clinton sold the Chinese all of their supercomputer, and ICBM guidance technology when he was in office. He also sold NK all of their light water nuclear reactor tech as well.

Wasn't that nice of him?

This story has several creepy implications.

northstar's picture

New update on mystery missile

Missile Firing Solved?

The reader who sent in the link to the Notices ot Mariners Report found this entry which may explain the missile launch earlier this week from SoCal waters near Catalina Island. Check this out.

34-02N 119-04W, 33-52N 119-06W, 33-29N 118-37W,
33-20N 118-37W, 32-11N 120-16W, 31-54N 121-35W,
35-09N 123-39W, 35-29N 123-00W, 35-57N 121-32W,
34-04N 119-04W.
PLEAD CONTROL ON 5081.5 MHZ (5080 KHZ) OR 3238.5 KHZ (3237 KHZ)

More at:

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Never set sail without reading the Notice To Mariners.

I relate a case where there was a 1,000 square mile restricted area "moving" armada of war ships doing manuevers beginning in Japan, and traveling across the Pacific to Hawaii.
Near Japan, a commercial freighter traveled into the restricted sailing area, and a stray rocket blew the "bridge" off the ship.
As a maritime navigator, I've seen armandas of military vessels moving at high speed, and on the radar, it was as if aliens where approaching (you just don't see a dozen "blips" coming at you at over 30 knots) Then the helicopters showed up, and disappeared and during this survelance our radar was also "scattered" and unreadable for about 20 minutes.

Our military does test's and manuvers all the time. You would realize this just by reading the Notice To Mariners archives.

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

but pentagon said no missiles were launched

and they are not allowed to launch missiles next to cities.

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What's So Funny

What's so funny about this, is, if it had been a false flag, the gov't would be in full emergency mode, but because it was just a contrail, they didn't have the time to warn the government "experts" not to deny any knowledge.

Now, they can't say, yes it was a missle and we must do XYZ, because it's anti-climactic and they'll look stupid because they did not see the emergency (imagine explaining that our defenses did not detect a missle launch).

Why would anyone be scared of this, now?

Too late. They missed the flag.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Missing video

There were 10 minutes of video shot yet nowhere are the full, unedited, 10 minutes available.

This reeks of yellow journalism.

If you read nothing else, read this: A Contract Between Americans

The Case for China

I think the likelihood is high that this was done by China. Consider the news that came out that day:

China Downgrades United States Credit

And then consider this earlier event when China demonstrated their submarine's capabilities.

The Uninvited Guest

Was China sending us a message not to mess with them and that they will retaliate if we try to destroy the dollar to pay off our debt?

makes sense

good points.

I don't think North Korea could have such technology to be able to do it.

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North Korea does have

North Korea does have submerines. Hell nobody thought they had nukes either... as Gomer Pyle said.. surprise, surprise, surprise!

Unless Israel "gave it to

or China

let us not forget that North Korea in many ways is a Chinese puppet state it was so since the early 1950's.

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Definitely not a false flag event

At least not yet. (maybe they haven't thought of a good culprit yet)

From facebook.. true?

From one of my sources. You will only ever read this here on my Facebook page.


Yesterday something happened. Something that will receive little news coverage before being replaced with the same old shit again. 1Lt Aldo Norris gave his life yesterday to prevent what would have been the greatest catastrophe in American History. You will never hear his name again. You will never hear this story again. This is what happened off the coast of California.

I am only close enough to this to know the general facts, but I was never and probably will never be briefed on the details. Several months ago, a nuclear submarine, used by the Russian mafia to ferry drugs and people into the US from Venezuela was commandeered (or possibly purchased) by the Mexican drug lord Benito Torres. Torres was not considered one of the more dangerous kingpins, especially compared to other drug lords, but he had connections all over the world. Most notably, he was connected to the Taliban's opium trade. Several years ago, the Taliban stole an MRBM from Pakistan. It had no ordnance, but was just the missile that could carry a nuclear warhead. Sometime about a year ago, tensions rose between the Taliban and Torres, likely due to pressure on the opium supply due to the coalition's Operation Khanjar. The missile was traded to Torres, likely as a way to make up for lost profit.

We don't know where they got the warhead. I am not classified high enough to know the size or type of weapon it was. I can guess from the damage estimates that it was either nuclear or chemical, as it was projected to cause massive casualties within the first 48 hours and deny entry to the target area for an extended period.

An informant within Torres' organization tipped us off to the warhead. Torres was not a priority target until then, because Mexico wants to deal with its own drug lords and because it saves us money, we let them. A non-government power in possession of a WMD, however voids all treaties. Three days ago, our team was dispatched to secure the weapon. I do not have access to the full debriefs, as they were just completed a few hours ago. I only know what it is my job to know. At some point the submarine, missile, and warhead were put together in a crude, but effective manner. The team's insertion was delayed due to political bullshit at the pentagon about getting approval. In that time, the submarine was launched with a heading towards Los Angeles. Our team, supported now by a SEAL team was able to intercept and board the submarine.

Damage from the entry caused the submarine's reactor to begin leaking radiation. The strike team was forced to disengage and escape. Lieutenant Norris was injured in the fight aboard the submarine and was unable to disengage without endangering the team. Left alone, he was instructed via radio on the disarming of the warhead. He did so successfully, but the missile's launch sequence was a separate system that couldn't be stopped. Lieutenant Norris depressurized the submarine to stop the launch, giving his life in the process. The launch still occurred, but the missile had no guidance, It was vaporized by a defense laser at 200,000 ft.

Take it as you will. I'm posting this here because no credible record will ever be taken. I just wanted to let you know what sacrifices were made. I will not answer any questions. I will not post any response. This will be the last you hear from me on this subject.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I did a search. It has also been posted on /b/

Not sure which was first. Don't think it matters.

If this can be corroborated, then I'm sure someone can do so.

Why I wonder didn't this person post this far and wide rather than just Facebook and /b/?

Seems like at least one part of that story can be verified.

Is there a 1st Lt. Aldo Norris?

What is his present status? Can we find him alive?

Is there more than one 1st Lt. Aldo Norris?

Are ALL of them alive?

Seems to me if we find him and there is only one. Then this is bunk.

But if we find him, there is only one, and he is no longer alive, and he was very recently, then I'd say this tale has legs.

I'm sure there are base logs or something somewhere to indicate before this incident his last known existence and location. Even if other records are redacted, they may not get everything.

The sooner those logs/records are obtained, the less chance they would have to cover it up.

Why not let us know what happened and hail him a hero?

Yes we are vulnerable. We already KNOW that. Duh. Why steal this guy's gift to so many for his bravery and courage?

Anyone out there with the connections that can verify this?

made me laugh

how people come up with stories like that...

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I think the author deserves

I think the author deserves some sort of paid gig to showcase his/her ability :) I'm becoming amused to death this morning on here!



bump for information...


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."