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Rand Paul: "I'm Someone Who Believes The Issues Are More Important Than The Party"

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Is it just me but Rand looks very presidential.

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He's getting better and better at this.

Good job Rand!

I did notice though he looked a bit shocked at the birth control question. Did he agree to a bill that had this provision in it and he didn't know about it? He had this look like he was going to tear someone apart after he got off camera about it.

Also, it didn't escape me that Blitzer's entire segment was asking him to clarify an interview rather than a fresh interview. Interesting.

Of course, since it clarified a hit piece in Rand's favor, I say, "More please!"

Did he change the

definition of an earmark? Isn't one whether during the dead of night or through a committee the same thing?

I think that is the heart of the issue.

Yes, we do need to address the actual spending and what it is on, but the process is the problem.

Instead of hashing out the pork in committee, which kept the budget under some semblance of control and balance, it is rushed through with minor changes, and then "unanimous consent" amendments are added to the text during recess.

So without having to make compromises or show how you are going to fund a project, you slip it in. Since everyone is doing it, no one objects and you get your unanimous consent. (actually I think it's done - "without objection")

What Rand is proposing is not an end to pork - yet.

He's proposing we go back to doing this all in committee.

Truly, if Congress merely FOLLOWED their own rules as originally laid out, we'd be in much better shape. But over the years, they've managed to make the case that the rules "hinder" them from doing their job. They fail to note, that the rules do not hinder them from doing what they are supposed to, but force them to deliberate, and compromise on doing the things they should and hinder them from doing what they should not.

Did you know a bill, in order for it to pass must be read THREE times in FULL?

After the first reading, the House must wait one week.

After the second reading, the House must wait one day.

Only after the 3rd full reading can the House debate the bill.

Ever watch CSPAN?

They "waive the reading of the bill."

The clerk merely reports the "title" of the bill and they vote without objection, to consider the bill as read.

This is how a bill gets to be 2000 pages.

Who the hell would read it, much less listen to it?

This rule alone would drastically reduce our mess in Washington.

Did you know, if they waive the reading of a bill, it is technically NOT passed even though a majority votes for it?

Instead they do one of several things:

they vote it "deemed to pass" (meaning, we know it really isn't a passed bill, but we "deem" that it passed)

"without objection" or

by "unanimous acclamation" (meaning no roll call, they just shout yay or nay)

They'll also take a bill, gut it by amendment, and then insert another bill into it like a nut in a shell. The do this for example with the Health Care bill. A tax cannot originate in the Senate. The House bill failed, and since it had taxes in it, it died there. So the Senate took a bill they already had, gutted it, then amended it by adding all the language from the failed House bill to it. Then passed it. FIRST. Then they sent it to the House, and we all watched that vote on TV. Technically, it is null and void, at least with respect to the tax provisions.

This crap goes on all the time.

I'm glad to see Rand is focusing on process.

It's the process that is screwed up.

Defund The Pentagon...

and bring the troops home! It serves to destroy civilization, and the next generation. The money machine must be destroyed by ending the FED, and the War Machine will be dead in its tracks. Dr. Rand Paul as Senator Rand Paul should look into this, because you may recall that England envaded us here in the Colonies with their war machine, and we were very peaceful, and subserviant to the king, but he desired more sweat from our brow. Enough is enough! Liberty must prevail. We are in serious financial trouble. The electorate is not getting the truth from the lamestream media. Inform the electorate with agitation and propaganda. We must do this to turn the tide to the freedom side...Enough said...

He who sells what isn't his'n, buys it back, or goes to prison!!!...-whzh-

SUCH a good interview! Wolf

SUCH a good interview! Wolf asked relevant questions and Rand answered succinctly and with no backstepping. Great on both sides.

I agree. The end part about

I agree. The end part about him working as an eye surgeon still, I was surprised. I didn't think he would have the time to do that and END THE FED!!!

End the FED is the first day. Then he and Ron do lunch.

Day 2?

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Exercise Your Rights. If You Don't Use Them, You Will Lose Them.
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great interview. and he spells out his positions rather succinctly.