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Rand Paul to Elliot Spitzer: "Your Personal Agenda Is Getting In The Way Of You Being A Good Broadcaster"

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youtube got axed, anyone else

youtube got axed, anyone else grab that vid?

Loved it!!!

One thing that I respect about but still am somewhat dissatisfied with regarding RON Paul is that he is a perfect gentleman, but to the point where he doesn't call a spade a spade.

Maybe he's just much wiser than me (and that no doubt is true), but I have to confess, I love Rand calling out this liberal.

He doesn't take any crap, that Rand.

And I think this will be his style in the future. He will not allow the interviewer to say crap and get away with it.

I do think Ron has moved in that direction, but he's historically just been super nice and so gentlemanly.

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I don't think

Rand was being smug I think he was getting annoyed by Client Number 9's questions and tone. "So Rand How Much Money Did You Make Last Year? How Much Did You Pay In taxes? You said dis but you did dat. Typical MSNBC adversarial interview coming from lord of the douches Elliot Spritzer. Rand, "So Elliot how much money did you pay for prostitutes in 2007?? Soon Blogo, Rudy, and Marion Barry will get their own shows.

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

Rand Paul did well.

The only thing he should have confronted was the issue about how much money he made in his practice, not necessarily in values but how it was spent.
What is wrong with individuals making money. I am sure he didn't bury the money he made in his backyard. I am sure he had to pay a lot of taxes. I assume he spent a lot of the money to purchase medical equipment to provide better service to his patients. I am sure he employed people to work in his office, paid insurance, paid for literature to learn the latest medical techniques, paid for trips to learn or teach others the trade. And I am sure or assume he is spending a lot of his money raising his children, paying for education so that they too will have a good job. Probably even spends some of the money he earns preparing for retirement. My point is that I suspect he spends his money wisely. And I expect him to spend the money taxpayers pay wisely. First thing I would like to see him participate in is a balanced budget, so that taxpayers no longer have to pay interest (usury) to bankers. Cut military spending if necessary. The government has the ability to tax and raise money in many ways, and should be an example for citizens to spend within their means and not have to borrow. Borrowing solves nothing except to enrich those who lend the money and enslave those who borrow the money.

Putting on Flame Retardent

Rand came off as a smug know-it-all who could barely be bothered to be gracious.

Ron Paul set the bar to a higher standard.

He was a bit smug, wasn't he...

this kinda surprised me at first, but then I thought had he been bubbly & friendly, he would HAVE to be acting, like a typical politician. Instead he didn't try to hide his disgust for Spitzer, I like that.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

take the personality worship fest elsewhere please

and just wondering did you vote for obama cus in terms of coming across with voters, he sets the bar even higher.


I'd be pretty smug too dealing with a nincompoop like Elliot Spitzer asking nonsensical questions in an attack manner.


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Rand burned him good!

I thought Rand handled himself very well. I would have talked right over the top of Spitzer at the end though, lol!

'So Spitzer, YOU SLEPT with a WHORE, and now you got a TV Show.

and qualified, how?'

that's all Rand had to say.o)

I have to admit...

I liked this just a tiny, tiny bit.

I am cautiously optimistic on Rand, but it was good to see him give Spitzer a wedgie.

He handled this cross examination well.

Just look into Spitzer's eyes. You can see that he is a willing participant in this evil. I don't care what he has said about the Fed. He is part of this cabal.

I don't know why they allowed him to get busted with a hooker, but he is still very much in my mind, part of this criminal enterprise.


Spitzer is a child by comparison to Dr. Rand Paul.
Pull his ticket and let a REAL broadcaster handle a REAL and INTELLIGENT discussion of topics.

Rand SPANKED the little child, and he deserved it!!!!

Rand should not waste his time with the likes of Spitzer and should not grace Spitzer's little program in the future. period.

Spitzer = Douchebag

Very Douchey.

Ann Coulter links to the Daily Paul. Never thought I see this!


Coulter The Lurker...

Ha Ha Ha...She doesn't have the huevos to register here...well on second thought maybe she does...

(just kidding Ann)

WOW! I didn't either!

Can we get a working link?

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she is watching us?

For the life of me I can't figure out why there is a rule ...

that SS recipients can't work full time while collecting.

I know that this is not an issue right now since nobody is hiring, but heck, they paid into it. And now, in order to collect it, they got to not work.

That doesn't make sence to me.

If they would be allowed to work, they would still be paying into it. It could slightly extend the insolvency time frame.

It just makes no sense.

Have you noticed how the PTB

love to throw these morally bankrupt pieces of tripe onto your television screens. Flaunt the moral void with people like Spitzer, and he's more than happy to do it. Reminds me of of the Clinton - Monica bullcrap.
Endless moral decay, and people eat it up. Good job Rand. When Spitzer said he was a politician you should have reminded him he is known FIRST as a JOHN, very few people recall any success he may have had as a politician. We really have to turn the televisions off !!

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Is Parker a little bit attractive

? Or is she just not plastic like all the other chics on TV?

Sorry to go off subject

I think it every time I see

I think it every time I see the show. She's a very attractive woman.

Spitzer got pants!!

Rand shut him down pretty good on the personal income question.

Joη's picture

I think you mean "pantsed"

    pants (plural noun) vs pantsed (past tense verb)
    you don't meant to exclaim "He owns trousers!" but "he was embarrassed".
    Reminds me of "well done, steak!"

    "You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?


    I think he meant Spitzer's wife is/was submissive. It's like telling a male, who is married, he has balls.

    Dude you got pants!

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    eh, ok

      it sounded like Spitzer'd've told him his income anyway.

      "You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

      Video not available. Damn.

      Video not available. Damn.

      Columbus, Ohio

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      (correct) 38 minutes of not available?! wtf

        rrrr...I've never seen that on YT before.  Have to go find it on the stupendously disorganized CNN site...

        "You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

        Neither have I...

        what is going on?

        Anyone able to catch the whole interview? What happened?