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My Story: Perfectly Healthy 23 Year Old College Student Poisoned by FDA Approved Heartburn "Medicine" UPDATED 5/20/11

After months of dealing with sensations and side effects that I have never felt before, I feel it is finally time to go ahead and tell my fellow DPers about my horrible experience with FDA approved "medicine". If anybody will believe my exeperience, it's you guys.

First of all let me give you some back story. I am a 23 year old college student at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. I have been 100% healthy my entire life and was basically an ordinary college student. I would go out and drink maybe one night a week with friends, smoke pot every day, run atleast a mile everyday, and hit the gym 3 times a week. My diet was very healthy with maybe one or two cheat meals a week. I was almost completely carefree and loved every second of life. I couldn't have even told you what was normal blood pressure back then.

Back in early August, I was driving back from Jacksonville to Tallahassee after my sister's birthday like I had done dozens upon dozens of times before when I started to feel a tingling sensation in my legs. Withitn an hour I could not feel my legs no matter what I did and was having trouble driving. Sorta freaked, I went to my primary care doctor right when I got home. He examined me and said that my Sciatic nerve was swollen and this was causing numbness in my legs. He didn't seem worried one bit, gave me a presciption for 500mg Naproxen, and sent me on my way. After a couple of days on the Naproxen, my legs were completely back to normal but I began to have indigestion. Within days I had the worst case of Gastritis I had ever had in my life. It felt like my chest was on fire; nothing felt good to eat. I quickly returned to my doctor and he told me go ahead and pick up some over the counter Prilosec OTC.

This is when my problems started and where the great life I once had ended.

I proceeded to head to my local drug store and picked up a box of normal strength Prilosec OTC (one 20mg pill per day). By the second day my gastritis felt completely healed. I could eat anything I wanted and not be bothered. By day four I started to notice that the big veins in my inner thighs that lead up to my crotch started to feel sore all day. I didn't think much of it and just applied ice. On the fifth night of taking my daily Prilosec, things got horrifying. All throughout that night I felt like my entire body was going to explode. My heart was pounding at a rate I had never felt before in my entire life and all of the veins in my entire body (especially my neck) were protruding drastically. I was in so much pain and was so scared that I even wrote a note to my parents saying how I loved them very much.

After a sleepless night, I had my parents take me to the local urgent care center where they were taken aback at the sight of my vitals. My blood pressure was an astonishing 190/140 with a pulse of 145. They proceeded to due some blood test and found I was dangerously low on potassium. They gave me four large pills of potassium and what seemed like a gallon of Ativan (Lorazepam - anxiety medicine) intravenously. After this my blood pressure came down to 160/110 and my pulse came down to 110 and they seemed to be satisfied enough and sent me home.

This, unfortunately, was only the beginning of my problems. From the middle of August to the beginning October, I had a wide WIDE variety of scary side effects that that literally incapacitated me and made life almost unbearable.

My symptoms included:
- Constant High Blood Pressure (140/110 while resting up to 160/110 with even mild exertion like standing)
- High Pulse (averaged around 110 constantly)
- Heart Palpitations (constantly feeling my heart beating, would sometimes wake me up in the morning)
- Blurry Vision
- Eye Floaters
- Shortness of breath
- Pressure behind the eyes
- Confusion (would literally walk in a room and forget what I was in there for)
- Joint pain (all over, but especially in my knees)
- Chest Pain (Angina)
- Tingling of the face and extremities
- Bouts of sudden dizziness (not like pass-out dizziness, like getting off a carnival ride dizziness)
- Whole Food in my stool
- Bloating
- Constant Belching and Flatulence
- Blood in urine from reccurent kidney infections
- many other side effects I can't remember right now

These side effects were so bad and so constant that I literally prayed for death. Let me just say I had thoughts that I NEVER thought I would have before and I'll leave it at that.

I was in and out of the ER weekly and saw all sorts of specialists. The ran a wide gambit of test only to come back with nothing out of the ordinary. I ended up seeing many specialist that included:
- Cardiologists
- Gastroentrologists
- Endocronologists

The tests that were ran included:
- Blood Tests (CBC, CMP, Auto Immune, HIV, Vitamin Panel, cardiac enzyme, T3/T4, Hormone test, etc.)
- Numerous EKGs (found some minor Sinus Arrythmia)
- CT scans (Full body CT scan with contrast, Stomach CT with Contrast, and Head CT with contrast)
- MRI (Had an MRI of the head and neck)
- An Endoscopy (Upper Endoscopy)

The only thing that turned up anything out of the ordinary was the endoscopy. They found a severe case of gastritis in the upper part of my stomach for which he prescribed Prilose OTC! I told each one of these doctors that I know for a fact that these debilitating side effects were the direct result of ingesting Prilosec but every single one of them looked at me like I was crazy and told me it couldn't possibly be the Prilosec causing these symptoms. They gave me about 10 prescriptions worth of anxiety meds and Beta blockers for the blood pressure but by this point I was not having any of it. I could not trust FDA approved medication anymore.

These symptoms were persistant until I started taking St. John's Wort daily. I found online that SJW drastically reduces the amount of Omerprazole (Prilosec) in your system. Within days my mind has cleared up, my blood pressure and pulse somewhat normalized (130/85, 90-95bpm), and the crazy joint pain was non existant. Apparently my body couldn't process the Prilosec out of my system and I was slowly overdosing on the constant supply of proton pump inhibitor in my system. What replaced these symptoms was almost as bad.

I began to have terrible heartburn after nearly anything I ate. It could be a boiled chicken breast and an apple and it would feel like I ate fire 20 minutes after eating. My throat was burning constantly and I literally dreaded sleep. I would lay down and go to sleep and wake up with stomach acid in my throat at mouth. I ended up losing 10 to 15 pounds just from starving myself due to not wanting to feel the pain of heartburn.

I did some research on it and found that long term use of Proton Pump Inhibitors leads to a phenomenom called Acid Rebound. While on PPIs, your body is blocked from making stomach acid but the enzymes that create this acid build up in your blood. When you finally start producing acid again, it comes back ten fold and leads to worse heartburn than before and can last for months. Drug companies are 100% aware of this effect and are thrilled about it. It makes it nearly impossible to get off their poison.

The pain was so unbearable that I just had to try something else. I began to take Zantac 75 twice daily in hopes of quelling my horrible heartburn. My gastro "doctor" suggested I take it and I trusted him. Within days I began to have some more weird side effects. Whenever I would eat anything at all my eyes would get very bloodshot and itchy, my joints would get stiff and tingly, my nose would run, and my throat would feel like it was closing up. The only thing that would quell these symptoms was Benadryll. What I concluded was the the H2 Blocker (Zantac) I was taking was blocking the histamine in my stomach, which left it to circulate in my bloodstream and collect in my face and throat. It literally felt like I was having an allergic reaction after every meal.

At this point I had gone from 170 pounds prior to Prilosec to 145 pounds after Zantac and was completely disheartened and depressed. I would pray every night for God to take me in my sleep and have it not be painless. My quality of life was zero.

After doing much more online research I decided to say "F you" to FDA approved allopathic medicine and start homeopathic and natural medicine. For the past couple of weeks I have been on a laundry list of Homeo and natural medicine that includes:
- Manuka Honey
- Colloidal Silver (cured my kidney infections within days)
- Slippery Elm
- DGL Licorice
- Aloe Vera Juice
- Arnica Montana (Homeo)
- Histamanium Hydrochlroium (Homeo)
- Nat Phos (Homeo)
- Tums

In the past couple of weeks I have noticed some improvement in most of my symptoms. Blood pressure was almost normalized, heartburn was nearly gone, and my mind was nearly free of worry. I began to feel very confident of my health compared to where I was. I still couldn't smoke pot or drink which really sucks but I was just happy being able to walk to class without my heart pounding out of my chest.

This brings me to this past weekend. This is my last semester in college and it has been all but ruined. Just going to class was draining on my body and especially my mind. This weekend I had a date with a beautiful 18 year old freshman and my best friend was coming into town so I decided to give this weekend a go and go out and party. Both Friday and Saturday I went to the bar and drank heavily. I drank both hard liquor and beer both nights and even got to have sex with that girl. Everything felt pretty much ok until Sunday. By Sunday afternoon I started to develop a very sore throat and some shortness of breath. By Tuesday I still had the sore throat and shortness of breath but I began to see droplets of blood in my phlegm. Not much and not constant but just enough to make me worried. And Wednesday (yesterday) I began to feel some sharp stomach pains that would come and go.

I went to the doctor again last night and I had an EKG and a chest X ray and he saw nothing out of the ordinary. No fluid in the lungs and a nice normal heartbeat. He thinks (and I agree) that I went out a little too hard this weekend and tore up my throat while aggravating my gastritis. He gave a prescription for extra strength Zantac which I immediately threw away after leaving his office.

So this leaves me where I am at today. Right now i certainly do not feel 100% but it is leaps and bounds better that what I have felt in the past couple of months. Right now my symptoms include:
- Shortness of Breath
- Sore Throat
- Minor Blood Phlegm (Very inconsistent drops of blood in an otherwise clear mucus, not pinky and foamy mucus that would suggest a lung infection)
- Stuffy nose
- Stomach pains
- Belching and Flatulence

Right now I am on my natural and homeopathic medicines and I will be damned if I will ever try any sort of heartburn or acid supressing meds ever again. I just took my blood pressure and pulse and it was pretty good. Right in good range at 127/80 with a pulse of 85 bpm. I'll die of a bleeding ulcer before I do those drugs again. I tallied up all the money I have spent on ER trips, doctors, and medicine and I have spent over $3500 FRNs on this lost cause. I will also probibly be dropped by my insurance so I got that going for me.

The point of writing all of this is just to give an example of how the FDA and drug companies can really ruin someone's life. I honestly feel like my life will never be the same or as good as it was only a few short months ago. Not only are the FDA and drug companies responsible, but the state educated doctors that push these poisons on thousands of people every year are equally as responsible. Most of them would refuse to hear me out on this poison and would just prescribe even harder drugs like Xanax and Beta Blockers to counteract the orginal side effects. I couldn't tell you how many times I have been told that its all in your head and its only anxiety. These months have been the most trying months of my entire life and have really led me to evaluate my life and whats important.

We worry about the dollar crisis and liberty all the time but I have realized that without your health, it all really means nothing. It took me a trip to death's door to really appreciate life.

If you are still reading after all of this I thank you and hope my writings can help someone else avoid this terrible hell that I went/am going through. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all,

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3 years ago I felt normal. I

3 years ago I felt normal. I was on 50 mg of doxycycline for over a year for an anti malaria use. After beginning this regimen I found out the hard way that doxy will eat away your esophagus. I could not swallow whole food for a week. In the meantime I got prostatitis, from what I believe now to be a fungal infection of my prostate. This all occurred while I was on a small outpost in Afghanistan. The doc gave me a shot of antibiotics and 2 weeks of cipro. It got worse. So he gave me 2 weeks of leviquin. Nothing changed. I stopped taking all antibiotics and the prostatitis went away. Then a guy on our outpost got malaria. I started the doxy again and it all began again.

I came home and couldnt kick the inflamed prostate. I went to the urologist and he said STOP all medication and take the anti yeast infection meds. The prostatitis was gone for good. Antibiotics had killed all good bacteria in my body and candida overtook everything.

My body has not been the same since. I am pretty sure my digestive system is wrecked still....If you have a health problem don't rely on a pill to solve it or make it better without making something else worse...change your diet.

Just in case you haven't heard of it...

You might like to check out the GAPS Nutritional Program to help heal and repair your entire digestive tract and gut flora. It's probably the the most powerful and comprehensive program out there for dealing with digestive issues.


Dr. Jonathan Wright says that most heartburn is due to low stomach acid. The acid stimulates the valve between the stomach and esophagus to close. When I get heartburn I take a few swigs of natural root-beer; that seems to have enough acid to close the valve and stop the heartburn. I suppose you could use HCL tablets or apple cider vinegar as well. A few times I have resorted to "CeaseFire" which is Mastic DGL available from Vitamin Research Products. Your body needs acid to digest protein with, so it is not wise to inhibit it for very long, in my opinion.


Dr. House says you are in

Dr. House says you are in college and under a lot of stress. Stress causes a lot of symptoms.

Ease up on the class load, have more sex, drink more beverages, and enjoy your youth.

Blood Type Diet

In order to avoid digestive problems, you need to protect your digestive system. That means eating good stuff, not junk, and avoiding poisons like FDA approved drugs and pesticides. Antibiotics are deadly.

The Blood Type Diet will tell you what your digestive system should avoid and what is healing. (The digestion is where a HUGE part of the immune system is, and where the outside world--food and poisons--meet the blood stream.) Different blood types are geared to digest a different diet from each other as they arose under different conditions in human history.

As I've gotten older, what I used to get away with digesting has changed. The sooner you stop asking your body to take abuse, the better.

I would have gone to a chiropractor for all your initial symptoms, before I would have gone to an MD. A chiropractor's malpractice insurance premium is much, much cheaper than an MD's. The FDA probably wouldn't qualify for it.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Is there any chance you are allergic to honey? As far as

the licorice---given that you are into natural healing right now, I am assuming this licorice is not made with wheat. If it is made with wheat, then you are getting grain, which is a whole other story.

I think it is good you are into the naturopathic world; you will learn what works.

My suggestion is to cut out all grains from your diet for two weeks. I bet everything will clear up. Try it; I am 60 and grains are the kiss of death giving everything from joint inflammation to headaches to stomach aches and other stuff. If you must eat grains, then choose the sprouted kind.

If you go grain-free, you will have a whole audience here cheering you on. Google grain-free; you'll see. No corn, no bread, no popcorn! You will be well in one day; that's my opinion and I have been doing homeopathic, naturopathic over 30 years.


These drugs suppress the natural production

of hydrochloric acid, which is essential to protect the body from pathogens AND to digest food, particularly protein.

Most heartburn is due to a reduction in stomach acid.

The consequence of the drugs is infestation: by parasites and also by noxious bacteria, such as H. pylori and Clostridium difficile.

A most common consquence is the overgrowth of Candida albicans and other fungi.

Go for natural herbal medicines next time!!

Smae symptoms after heavy antibiotics

Hi! You are not alone at all. The same things are happening to me. I ended up cutting out Cows milk, tinned or canned food, bought a goat for milk, and both water and milk kefir grains. They have helped SO much. Just remember, moderation. I started with 1 tablespoon kefir goat milk per day to start and am up to 2 ounces. I now have immune problems, but my acupuncture therapy works well to assist in healing my body. So much going on at once makes it hard to heal! Also, my gums and teeth are having problems, I have cut out fluoride and make my own organic toothpaste (coconut oil baking soda mix) its stopped the bleeding.

Never again unless an acute emergency will I take antibiotics....

My stomach is better now, no more weird rashes or swelling and vascular issues (if they flare up very minor).

I highly recommend the kefir, it will help you quite a bit. I still get very tired and dizzy but it is slowly after 1.l5 years and my lifestyle/diet changes, getting better. I just started these changes 3 months ago. It is so hard, I feel for you. I am a mother to 5 so life can be hectic. Please try to think positive, go with your gut instincts, and take each new therapy slow to see what works.,

I agree; Kefir is soooooo healthful. I buy the Nancy's brand

without natural flavors or additives and I could drink gallons of it at a time; It also does not put on weight. I weigh 100 pounds and I drink a quart of Nancy's sometimes just for lunch. Good ole Nancy's Blueberry!


I have a cast iron stomach

well i thought I did until I took naproxen. Nasty stuff. I ended up have blood in my stool.
I quickly resolved the fire in my stomach by taking ANGOSTURA bitters, used in Manhattans and Old fashions.
It actually was invented by a doctor to resolve stomach upset.
The formula is secret and is made from natural plants.

I think you may have a tight IT band in your glut. Learn the stretching exorcises to relieve tightness. Running, sitting in chairs or driving for extended periods of time will leave you feeling like a nerve is pinched.

From my own personal experience

Acid indigestion was caused by cholesterol plugged gall bladder/liver.

Bile secreted by liver/gall bladder neutralizes excess acid
in intestines.

Worked my way up to 3000 mg vitamin C per day & took non GMO lecithin. These 2 are good way to dump excess cholesterol.

Cholesterol plugs liver not blood veins. The latter is a Medical Myth created by the drug companies that have people taking cholesterol blockers for heart problems. circulatory problems are caused by lack of vitamin D (calcium plaque = calcium sterate), not cholesterol.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Need to view this

This has some great information on how to stay healthy. Talks about taking pancreatic enzymes, which I am now taking for indigestion and they work wonderfully. Dr. Gonzalez tells you what kind and where to order them.


reedr3v's picture

Additionally, ronpaulio, this researcher-

acupuncturist is a wonderful educator for his readers and patients. His blog has fresh articles and podcasts frequently, sharing the latest medical research filtered through the lens of a physician committed to natural remedies that do not harm. http://thehealthyskeptic.org/

I understand same problem

I too took prilosec and had heart palpitations. I was hospitalized. I kept asking the doctors if it was the prilosec because I noticed the problems after I had taken it for 2 weeks. They told me that I should take more! It cost around $12 to $15k for the emergency room. At the time, I had insurance so I only paid about $2k to $3k of that. I didn't keep taking prilosec and threw it all out. I got better as it left my system and that part of my life is now behind me.

I had taken pepcid complete for acid reflux prior to prilosec. I started on prilosec on the advice of my dentist! I went back on pepcid complete after this episode and it doesn't seem to have any negative affects. This was many years ago that this happened and I haven't had any health problems related to this problem since then. My advice to you is to try pepcid complete. Good luck.

My suggestions: Cut out the

My suggestions:

Cut out the alcohol and marijuana
Drink lots of juice and water
Get some rest
Take some nice hot showers
Get good sleep

This is all, and I mean ALL, I do when I am sick.

I'm 25 years old and if I get sick it doesn't last more than 2 days. I've never drank alcohol or smoked. I stay away from ALL pills. Literally. I don't take aspirin, benadryl, tylenol; nothing! The only thing I ever take is sometimes allergy medicine. I have bad allergies and sometimes can't take the stuffiness. I would say I am rather healthy besides needing to use some weight.

Good luck to you.

I used to be just like you.

(Minus the alcohol and weed). Then I took my damn doctor's advice.

I have cut out the marijuana and alcohol completely but I do hope to have them both back in my life ASAP.

I don't drink juice too much but I do drink atleast 2 gallons of water a day.

I only get about 7.5 hours of sleep which I admit I should get more. (12:30AM-8:00AM)

I love a nice long shower. I probibly get one good long shower ever other day.

Thanks for the luck man. I hope it works out.

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

If your going to drink I

If your going to drink I always tend to stay away from artificial juices/sugars which tend to really f**k you up because the sugar is what attacks the liver, not the alcohol. Plus it fuels the hangover.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

This is so weird!! I was just

This is so weird!! I was just thinking about you, last night and out of nowhere, and wondering how you were doing. From what you wrote..stop using the colloidal silver for now. It has done its work, and IMO can definitely kill good bacteria in your stomach.
I would cut it out, now, and see how you do. Any sort of fast is good for you, but some will take it to extremes. V-8 juice could be a quick way for a college student to get their veggies, if the product has not been compromised, over the years. I am awfully glad you are better, and know that people you do not even know, think about you. :)

You don't know how much that means to me.

Didn't really think about that until you mentioned it. It does feel good to have people thinking about you and concerned in your time of need.

I cut back on the collodial silver about 1.5 months ago after getting a cold so I am good on that side. I do believe it could be one of the things that killed off all of the good bacteria in my gut though.

Once I stop doing my doctor regimented spinach and apple juice next week I am going to take you advice and start with V8 juice every day. Can't hurt right?

Thanks for your concern man. I really do appreciate it. Don't forgert about me!

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

Hey Guy,

I've seen you here and I consider you honorable, so of course I (and others) will believe you!

The liver and kidneys, while although separate and distinct organs, work together synergetically to maintain the body's balance. One of the first things I would do is go out to the store and grab a high quality milk thistle and dandelion root mix (hopefully its suspended in alcohol) taken 3 times daily starting at 7am and no later than 8pm (I never take anything after 8pm as the liver is switching functions but we'll get to that later). Also, to nourish my kidneys I have a very high quality sea salt that I mix with water and drink it straight down at the time of the kidneys, sunrise and sunset.

I suspect liver and kidney damage, but thats ok because cow liver and kidney beans are yummy for those organs; let the food be your medicine. Get yourself some figs, I hear that if you compare the organic structure of a fig to that of the liver you will have a very difficult time telling the difference. Get a piece of cow liver, a fig, and a microscope and let me know what you find!

The liver performs thousands of functions to regulate the bodies various chemical and other systems related to homeostasis. Its like the cafeteria; during the day its serving food [proteins etc. to the body] and at night its cleaning up the days mess [filtering and cleaning the blood]. If one were to do their homework I'm sure they would find that the eyes are a direct snapshot of the liver (as an example yellowing of the eyes is a symptom of compromised liver function) and is connected to the liver. Did I mentioned cow liver? The liver is also the house of the personality and part of the reason you may have felt down and out is because of your liver being compromised, when it is 100% you will notice your personality shift as well -> happiness. Getting to sleep at certain hours is a must, the liver cleans best between the hours of 11pm-2am so that is the most critical time for your eyes to be closed and your body to be asleep.

I believe that what you said could be true, however, my take from the solid food in the bowel and the build up of acid in the stomach is a reflecting of the liver not producing enough acid to properly digest matter in the stomach. Such drugs, such as the purple pill, tend to remedy the problem by shutting down the enzymes that produce the acid in the liver with the hope that it will minimize or eliminate the problem of acid build up. In theory this sounds great but in reality the primary cause of the acid buildup is not over production but rather under-digestion. The food is rooting inside of you.

Your liver also loves sugar but not the processed kind. Your liver is built to utilize natural sugars found in non gmo organic fruits and using that for normal liver function. For me, I tend to stay away from all of the processed whites: Sugar, Flour and Salt. White sugar is the equivalent of putting the wrong motor oil in your engine, your liver is calibrated to process natural sugars, not the man-made kind.

Education in and of itself is not power, but self-education is. I hope this was helpful!

I reserve the right to govern myself.

Can't edit????


I reserve the right to govern myself.

Thanks for the compliments man.

Appreciate it.

About the liver and kidney comment. I agree 100%. I know it has got to be one of the two but I am leaning towards liver. I know this because whenever I smoke weed, within 2 minutes my heart is pounding and my throat tightens significantly. THC is metabolized in the liver and when the THC enters, my liver is having a hard time metabolizing it.

This is what I think happened to me. These exerpts are from medicationsense.com

"3% Caucasians also metabolize Prilosec very slowly, generating Prilosec plasma levels that are 500% higher than in other people. How can you tell if you are one of these people? You can't."

"Prilosec inhibits one of the key liver enzymes (cytochrome P450 2C19) involved in eliminating drugs from our systems. This may lead to increased blood concentrations of drugs such as Coumadin (warfarin), Dilantin (phenytoin), Valium (diazepam), and others."

I have done some research and saw a lot of stuff on the healing powers of milk thistle and cow liver. I have an appointment with my natural/holistic doctor Monday and I am going to ask him about focusing on the liver and using these supplements.

Thanks for the interest man. It feels good not to be alone in this.

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

The health of the liver is

The health of the liver is dependent on the kidneys, the two are related and your better off feeding both of them because they work synergetically. Water is also key, the liver (and the brain) are similar to sponges and without water they will not work.

It just dawned on me. You may also be dehydrated. Liver/Brain need water or they dry up and start acting funky, also your back problems can also be due to dehydration. The disc's in your back may be all dried up and when they are grinding against one another without moisture there is a lot of friction. Water, the super duper clean kind, If you can get yourself ionized water somehow even better.

PROBIOTICS is a must, mix it with an organic yogurt is what I do.

I reserve the right to govern myself.


So I have been seeing my natural/holistic doctor/chiropractor for the past few weeks now and I have got to say that I am hopeful.

First of all I have been getting chiropractic adjustments once a week for about 4 weeks now and it has helped with my back pain but not my crazy Prilosec symptoms.

I took a special urine analysis test (240 dollars special) about two weeks ago and got a bunch of results back. First was a complete vitamin panel which showed that I had perfect vitamin levels across the board. Then it showed a bunch of different acids and chemicals which showed some abnormalities.

- The ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria in my colon was 0:0 which the doctor says probibly means I am super low on intestinal bacteria.

- My digestive acids are low meaning I am not abosrbing all of my foods completely.

- My Creatine levels were very high showing something is going on with the liver/kidneys. He said he doesn't think it is the kidneys but is more likely the liver.

- Some Neurological acid or w.e. is too low which he said means I probibly have some brain inflammation.

After looking at these abnormalities, he is putting me on a 7 day cleanse along with some supplements.

- I can only eat 1-2 meals of organic fruits and vegetables daily for a week
- Water only
- One banana, strawberry and spinach smoothie per day
- One 25% spinach 75% apple juice per day
- One huge probiotic
- Two Special Supplements- Can't remember their names, i'll update this when I get home
- 24 Hour fast on day 8

I am on day two right now and I have got to say that I haven't seen too much of a change but I am gonna be patient (I'm also super hungry). I have a follow up appointment next week after the detox to check my progress. He says if my symptoms don't start to subside he is gonna focus on the liver.

My current symptoms are:
- Throat tightness (Can't smoke pot or drink which is terrible)
- Occasional dizziness/headaches
- Burping up food hours after eating
- Racing heart with exercise (Also after smoking pot or drinking)
- Eye floaters

Thanks for the support guys! More updates to come

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

Hey Ron!

As a Native American I can tell you that you would be doing yourself a favor if you go check into having your Gall Bladder removed.It is very prevalent in the heredity of Native Americans and causes EXACTLY the same symptoms.You could mess around with this forever or go and have it checked out.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

Thanks for the heads up, and good luck

Here is a little-known fact: heartburn is usually just a symptom of constipation. If you are drinking a lot of alcohol you might get dehydrated, which works against regularity. You need bulk, moisture, and fat for that; eat absolutely no white flour or white rice, as they clog up the system like cement.

Medicine can't really help if you aren't eliminating properly. Just something to keep in mind.

I'm sorry to hear

about all your difficulties. Here a couple of posts I've created that may help you with cleansing, digestion and problems with weight loss. Both kombucha and kefir can be made at home. Each post has a testimonial section(do a keyword search) which should give you an idea of how it has helped people. The raw milk and kefir should help you with your weight. Kombucha is a great cleanser(start with small portions) and may help with your digestion as well. Raw cows milk and raw goats milk from animals pasture raised(grassfed) are very healthy but I find that the goats milk digests much more rapidly. I drink both and find benefits from both.

Kombucha Tea (Video Library)
Raw Milk & Kefir (Video Library)

The posts are pretty large so if you need any help finding any info just leave a comment here or there and I'll see what I can do.

Lot's of info here, thanks again!


And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

I'm feeling ok I suppose.

Not completely back to normal but not on death's door like I was in the beginning. I still get heartburn on a pretty regular basis (which I have NEVER had until Prilosec), still get a globus senstation, consistent weird chest sensations (don't worry, went to the cardiologist and every test in the book checks out) and still have an overall feeling of malaise.

Even though this is still light years from where I was at one point last year, I long to be 100% back to normal. Drinking makes me feel like death for atleast a week after and I cannot smoke pot (which I LOVED to do before) because it makes me feel like my throat is closing up and my heart beat skyrockets.

I've been going back to my holistic/naturopathic doctor for chiropractic adjustments and tests for the past week or two and I got to say I feel pretty hopeful. He sounds super confident he will get to the bottom of my problems and doesn't treat me like I am crazy. He says he has seen dozens of cases just like me and that reassures me. He thinks its a liver problem so I'll find out when the test results get back next week.

I wish I woulda listened to you earlier Jyadah. Woulda saved a bunch of FRNs

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I'm glad you are feeling better

If this Chiropractor can't get this cleared up then I think a Doctor needs to look closer at the gall bladder. The usual problem is stones but some cases are caused by sludge. Thats a totally different animal. By any chance did they do an ultrasound on your Gall bladder? The really good news is if this Chiropractor does a liver flush it should take are of the gallbladder at the same time.

Please keep us informed.