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Just who ARE "WE THE PEOPLE"?!

Ok, so all these people swear oaths to protect the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (in caps). And, also in the constitution, People and Posterity are CAPITALIZED, and then a bunch of people sign it. According to old law, when it's capitalized, it's a group. Meaning that the USA is those people and THEIR Posterity.


That's why they can do whatever they want.

And, look at your forms. Drivers license, everything is in ALL CAPS, as a fictional corporate entity, so that you support the USA which is actually not the land mass, but the PEOPLE who are are the POSTERITY of the people who signed the Constitution.

This is in a video called Paddleford. http://tinyurl.com/33wlnk7

Think about it. That's how they get away with everything. It's them and it's their company, the business entity USA.

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Not sure that link is taking us where you want us to go

It's a YouTube search results page for "paddleford constitution".

Its the two that show up in

Its the two that show up in search.

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