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C4L website down?

Anyone have any scoop whats up?

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No problem for me.

Visit every day.

Website down again?

The website seems to be down again. I've tried to get on there for a couple of days now but the connection keeps timing out.

Hey, it is still

down. What's up?

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It was down for me ealier today up until around 6:00pm

Maybe it was because of traffic just like they've said. You guys know anything about internet traffic hours? Thx, I'm just trying to make sense of it all. XD

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must be intermittent today

I'm always encountering it up now.

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It's been up every time I've checked.

Every time someone has posted that it was down, I have checked and it was working fine for me.

Not once has it been down.

Maybe someone is toying with blocking certain areas, or in other words, only specific servers are blocking it.

someone please let us know

Why C4L is down? I miss it very much. Someone must know what is happening . . . HELP!

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it's not right now


nor does it have any indication of why it was.


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Well to be honest the website problem is consistant for me.

Now it says "504 gateway timeout" nginx/0.8.34 and I have no idea what that means.

How long does it take to update a server? I mean, more traffic is good right? If that is the problem then shouldn't C4L advertise it more visibly? You said the website works fine for you right? I'm lucky if I can access the site once a day because of the issue, whatever it is.

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The FEC is attacking Campaign for Liberty.

Could this have something to do with that?

Edit: Website works fine for me.

Dear Liberty Activist,

The FEC has launched a pair of investigations on Campaign for Liberty.

Both are meritless, but could seriously disrupt our growing program.

Please read Campaign for Liberty President John Tate's letter below and stand with us.

This is exactly the type of government action to quell liberty that I have spent my life opposing.


Congressman Ron Paul

C4L Website still down!

What is up with the C4L website? It's been on and off for weeks now! I need the archives for my school papers! Argh!!

See you at CPAC!

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This happened before when CPAC tickets went online

    It says it's a spike in traffic.  Regrettably, I doubt it's going to result in significant upgrades for that site.

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    no idea, but a good question. could easily be site maintanence

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