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Purely OFF TOPIC, but any fans of the TV show LOST, here?

just got through a marathon viewing.

have some qualms about the character arcs, varying degrees of sense of urgency, characters' motives in the narrative flow, as well as not too many unpredictableS, at least for me anyhoo; the series ended EXACTLY as I guessed it would. No mystery there; the last survivors were EXACTLY whom I guessed it would be, not to mention, what the last "place" of gathering would be all about. Not bad, overall. But glad I did not see it until the entire series was over; I would have been completely dissatisfied with the direction of the show, if I were to tune in week in, week out.

What DOES seem to be a prevailing trend in a number of recent episodic scifi/scifi-ish entertainment, seems to be the meme of "as it always is, and has always been."

Especially since Matrix came out in 1999, it's all over the place now. Even BattleStar Galactica's ending was the same predictable meme, to me. In that sense, The Matrix 3's ending was far more literal.

but I suppose that mythos of Ancients having higher technology than the "modern" humans, and how such high ancient tech have always remained a huge part of our entire human family's history throughout the world: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kali_Yuga

my least favorite LOST episodes were season 3's first six or so episodes, aka the detention center at Hydra island. Completely convoluted storyline, forced relationship arcs, not to mention a benign, weak, nerdy research MD female character unconvincingly developing a Jason Bourne-like fighting skills in 3yrs. Plus, I seriously would not be able to tolerate a pencil neck geek, duplicitous douchebag like Ben Linus, for more than a second in REAL life, as well as, as a fictitious character. Besides, what possible reason can a group of people whom supposedly voluntarily stayed with a person on a supernatural island where their leader provides NO particularly unique ability, resource, or an exclusive connection with that said supernatural entity of the island?

Why the HELL would anyone have a reason to put up with a guy like Ben, when all of them on a deserted island being able to thrive are by definition naturalist survivors? Makes no narrative sense.

then there's the Dharma Initiative. there is no mention of who or what they really are, as in who owns it, how in the world they came upon the island, not to mention concoct silly 60's/70's era contraptions to not-exactly-harness harness the powers of the supernatural forces of the island?

And, a naval vessel captain's wheel to time-teleport an island? and some retarded looking Greeks who are NOT NATIVE to the island invented that said wheel, among other gizmos to harness the powers of the island that they have no clue what it's about, the gizmos that are NOT inventions of some other Ancient civilization a bunch of millennia ago? really??

Plus, what's up with only ONE Egyptian Bal-esque statue? there are ALWAYS minimum of TWO guardian statues. of course, conveniently the inexplicable supernatural aspect of the island is "explained" away with a bunch of Egyptian hieroglyphics.

and, what is up with all "cocking the hammer" on Glocks? Not to mention, the gratuitous use of unnecessary slide-racking (like every other scene?), and many of those with FINGER ON THE TRIGGER while being racked?? Oh vey, then again, I guess I feel this way about most TV shows/films that showcase smallarms.

of course it's probably intended, nevertheless, one cannot help but to ponder what one WOULD do if scenarios depicted in shows like LOST, Jericho, and the new AMC show, The Walking Dead, played out in the real world, WHEN something like a TEOTWAWKI comes to town, in reality.

I do have a recurring personal reaction, anytime TEOTWAWKI scenario is brought up, though.

it ALWAYS seemed ridiculous to me how throughout human history, we've NEVER had a shortage of ideas, ingenuity, inventiveness, creativity, or even resources, but JUST a continuing cycle of RulingClass induced/engineered FUBAR.

that's it. It's always been that way.

Imagine, EVEN IF the current monetary system collapsed TODAY, it's not as if all the engineers, scientists, inventors, artists, designers, philosophers, mathematicians would SUDDENLY "forget" how to go about their business, or exercise/apply their skills. We will all still have the same level of technical expertise, a minute AFTER the fiat monetary collapse, as what we all had the minute BEFORE the collapse.

not to mention, we'd still have all the minerals, natural resources underneath the ground on your property, at the same mine company's openpit, caves, river/stream water source, etc.

Mother Nature is not going away with her natural resources anytime soon, just because a bunch of degenerate paper junkies decided to collapse the entire world's economy for a few delusional kicks.

THE ONLY impediment would be the speed of the medium of exchange, aka. "money"/currency, or lack there of, at least the immediate moment following the collapse, anyway.

This historical FACT should CLEARLY remind us that NONE of us NEED, nor have EVER NEEDED Wall St/City of London's fiat monetary system. all we need are our loved ones, and our individual knowledge and skills to voluntarily share and/or trade and exchange them with.

Just thinking out loud, post-LOST withdrawal.

P.S. if you guys know any former Comm-Bloc emigres, they would easily attest that their former countrymen, unlike the 90% of Americans, are used to dealing in blackmarket items.

Ain't it ironic though, at least immediately after the collapse, the only ones in our Republic who will already be used to dealing in blackmarket products would be the street criminals, Wall St. hustlers, drugdealers/buyers & copthugs: basically your gvt douchebags & the criminal class, oh and those throughout the world who are used to living on less than a dollar a day, the extremely destitute whether by choice, ie. African/SE.Asian/Polynesian/Latin American tribesmen, or those by "modern" economic circumstance.

Yup, the immediate survivors following a TEOTWAWKI would be the survivalists/preppers like us, the blue collar underclass and white collar RulingClass, and the dirt, dirt poor.

now, how about that?

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Hey BleuCream

Have you seen this video?
It's a compilation of the first 5 minutes of the series and the last 5 minutes of the series. One plays forward and one plays backward. Amazing when you realize jack came to the island in the exact manner he left it.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

thanks for the link.

wow, as in the immortal words of Yogi Berra, it's literally, DejaVu, all over again.


you honestly watch this "programming"?

Formerly rprevolutionist

yes, I do watch this "programming"

as you so snidely allude.

just because one watches it, does not mean one is BEING "programmed" BY it.

just info, nothing more, nothing less.
just info, my friend.

if you ACTUALLY want to understand MSM, and media programming, how the hell are you gonna do that, when you don't actually know what you're talking about??

That's like saying I read something by Palin, for the sake of critiquing it, and you telling me that I 'buy into her propaganda.' you'd think all this would be obvious, IF you ever read ANY of my previous posts here on DP.

if you are an insecure individual, and never figure out the source of your sustained insecurity, no amount of external stimuli is going to change that.

likewise, if you understand what a propaganda is, and what MSM propaganda is, when you watch something by them, with that CONSCIOUS knowledge, it's not an issue.

no need to make a big whup of it. just a show buddy, thus the headline, "Purely OFF TOPIC," capice?

Life is rough sometimes


Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

that it CAN be, my friend, it can be.

though I don't watch shows like this because "Life is rough sometimes" .)

same reason why I hit the range, or beat up my sparring partner at the dojo: it simply feels good. LOL

Nope Not A Fan And Never Watched It Once...

I do not watch TV shows per say but accidentally ran into The Walking Dead (zombie apocalypse scenario) ...I'm really enjoying it as I am a big fan of horror genre...it's like going to the movies every Sunday night...



I'm finding myself watching tv/films that deal with post-apocalyptic TEOTWAWKI scenarios more and more, as the NWO intended 2012 "deadline" looms.

I didn't really start this LOST tv show thread to talk about the show, in the fandom sense per se, but more of the rising, and continuing prevailing trend of the RulingClass communicating its intent via the popular medium of TV/films.

Jericho(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jericho_%28TV_series%29), I felt could have gone either way.

Or, Possible Reason #1, THEY're warning us of their intentions the way X-Files spinoff, The Lone GunMen did with their 6-month-prior-aired pilot for their show in which the ENTIRE 9/11 hijacking played out right before our eyes, on a TV SHOW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3WW6eoLcLI


The Lone GunMen Pilot was written by John Shiban, Frank Spotnitz, Vince Gilligan & Chris Carter. Directed by Rob Bowman. The Episode first AIRED ON March 4, 2001. The Lone GunMen.S01E01.Pilot Description:

"While The Lone Gunmen attempt to steal a computer chip, John Fitzgerald Byers receives news of his father's death and the trio soon find themselves unraveling a government conspiracy in which an attempt to fly a commercial aircraft into central New York City would result in increased arms sales for the United States."

Or, Possible Reason #2, the writers and show creators are more in tune with those of us whom are really awake to the NWO CON, and are trying to "warn us," as to explore various scenarios and possibilities to posit some probable survival techniques, as a primer to the segment of the population that would otherwise never mull the realistic possibility of something like that happening, in a near future.

There was also a short-lived show in 2007 called "The Traveler" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traveler_%28TV_series%29) on Disney's ABC that only ran for 8 episodes that also dealt with false-flag state-sponsored terrorism. As was the one season, also CANCELED show FlashForward (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FlashForward) co-created by the screenwriter for Blade and Director Christopher Nolan's Batman reboots, one David S. Goyer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_S._Goyer), where the infamous CERN's LHC, the Large Hadron Collider, experiment drops the entire world's 6 Billion plus population into a sudden unconsciousness, and their memories become quantum entangled.

Same REAL-physics based theme is explored in LOST. the nuking of the Dharma Initiative discovered energy center, where the main characters survive is based on the REAL-LIFE theoretical physics postulate of "Quantum Suicide:" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_suicide_and_immortality

REAL LIFE, indeed is far more stranger than fiction.

It is CLEAR, the zeitgeist of the Vox Populi has changed the core direction of the TV shows in the last few yrs. If any of you guys check the roster of popular cable shows, many are survivalist shows. to name a few, on the Discovery Channel alone:

1. Dual Survival http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual_Survival
2. Man, Woman, Wild http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man,_Woman,_Wild
3. ManTracker http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantracker
4. Bear Grylls' Born Survivor/Man vs. Wild http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man_vs._Wild
& Worst Case Scenario http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worst_Case_Scenario_%28TV_serie...
5. I Shouldn't be Alive http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Shouldn%27t_Be_Alive
6. The Alaska Experiment http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Alaska_Experiment
7. The Colony http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Colony_%28TV_series%29
8. Les Stroud's Survivorman http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Survivorman

THAT list alone should tell us all, that the moneychangers are paying attention to what us mere mortals & "peons" are doing.

So, is it all a predictive programming?

A warning?

Or, a helping hand?

Who knows, but what IS abundantly clear is, they want us to be ready.

And, even episodic series like LOST, and the Walking Dead, when seen and analyzed purely objectively, while such show skew real survival techniques in the interest of creative license and time and censorship constraints prevalent in the TVland, still they provide some measure of redeemable quality, especially as an introductory primer for those of the sheeple populace whom maybe completely unaware of what to do in TEOTWAWKI scenarios.

To that end, these shows can be highly beneficial, while at the same time maintaining the status quo's propaganda/predictive programming.

I really do believe, at this juncture, IF one is aware of the NWO globalists' CON, and has an open mind, it's just info; there's nothing to worry about. It all depends on what each person takes away from it. I truly believe that.

Huge LOST fan here

I don't have time right now to respond in depth, but I loved your calling Ben a duplicitous douchbag.
I watched and rewatched and rewatched each episode before the next episode was out, I watched and rewatched entires seasons before the next season came out. I was in deep. And I was sorely disappointed in the finale. Of course, the name Christian Shepherd was a tip off from the beginning, but they weren't all christians were they? I still have a lot of questions. A lot of pieces that just never fit.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

when I think of Ben Linus, it reminds me of what Joe Rogan says

about the left over Pyramid laborers whom took over after for whatever reason the original designers, architects, engineers, and the inventor of the Pyramid mysteriously died out, and the dumb schmucks' progeny took over, LYING that they're the ones whom built it, not the died off smarter people, then passing that lie down the line in history:
"Joe Rogan - Dumb People Out Breeding Smart People Explains The Pyramids"

"Joe Rogan - Dumb People & Negative Energy"

"Joe Rogan on the Egyptian Pyramids"


"A lot of pieces that just never fit."
I felt the same.

odd, as that is usually typically indicative of shows that whether by incompetence, time constraint, or budgetary, fail to fully fleshout the overall operative mythos. and frankly, I was completely frustrated with the utter lack of "wow" factor in the macro-mythos, when the basis for the story had SO MUCH potential for a really deep overall operative mythos.

Perhaps if their ratings sustained at the AMAZINGLY EXCELLENT quality of the first two seasons, not mention the consistently 20+million viewers, for them to qualify with the studio execs to do the typical 7-season run, maybe they would have been able to articulate a bit better.

but, suppose it all worked out; usually the MORE you keep the underlying premise/mythos MYSTERIOUS, the better. and for a show like LOST, that always works.

I do think their use of flashbacks is rather fluid and excellent, considering how central to the entire series that narrative tool has been.

"And I was sorely disappointed in the finale."

same here, though I would personally characterize it more as "disappoint-ING" as the show was seriously too predictable to me, rather than "disappoint-ED me" type sentiment. Especially, since it was clear that by season 5 and 6, Jack's main journey would only be re-stressed until near the series finale, as to NOT tip off how they'd be setting up the narrative flow of season 4 ~ 6. Frankly though, it's always gonna be a problem when the lead character is suppressed for a prolonged period, as all stories really need to be told from ONE main character's lens, while interweaving secondary and tertiary characters' journey into that thread to have any semblance of a concrete narrative flow, IMHO.

Claire/charlie, were the most unnecessary characters.

Miles' character could have been used much more intelligently, but I suppose it was necessary for the rest of the show to work

liked Faraday's character.

"the Temple" was a COMPLETELY wasted story line. So much potential, but for whatever reason seemed more like fulfilling a "ancient mystery" quota.

I do however feel the show was much more of Jeffrey Lieber and Damon Lindelof's writing influence than J. J. Abrams'.

Abrams, when he writes his own episodes, he typically has redundantly cheesy "forced" family koombaya moments.

Some interesting note. I don't think there has ever been a show where a quarter of the show's dialog was in Korean, in an American show, without losing the audience at that. pretty ballsy for primetime tv, by any standards. Or, such a HUGE main ensemble cast whose stories worked so well together. Not to mention, probably expensive to produce as hell; it always surprise me how 30min sitcom stars ALWAYS get paid more per episode (up to $1MIL+) when the entire cost of an episode is about $5MIL vs. highest paid 1hr episodic series actors who get paid $300,000+ per episode, out of similiar $2-5Mil per episode budget.

So retards who need a fake laugh-track to be funny in a half-hour show who only need to be on ONE soundstage, get paid MORE than Oscar-caliber actors who complete 1hr shows which are practically a new movie every 4weeks, under far harsher time and budgetary constraints as they have to deal with multiple locations, sets, effects, crew, more extras, more writers, and secondary directors?? More favorable advertisers or not, WTF is the logic in that?

Kate has consistently been the Midas Touch of F*ckUps. plus her character's abilities were all over the place. seriously, a girl who was on the run for an actual murder, later sets up a bank robbery to steal a personal memento, and kills again in the process, keeps telling the same Marshall over and over that she is innocent? Plus as a character that has been established as a tomboy, with Daddy Ranger-taught tracking skills, a proven murderer who knows her way around guns, will be BEATEN UP by Juliet, whom started out as a nerdy, insecure, research MD-type character, whom miraculously learns to be a Jason Bourne, in three short yrs? EH, NOT buying it. IF anything, her struggle would have been to redeem herself from a chick version of Sawyer, to someone who is more compatible with what Jack's PR image seems to be.

Some tactical inconsistencies irked me throughout the shows though; I mean how many times can a main character walk IN FRONT of what has been established as a hostile character, or a character by circumstance turned hostile, and give ample chance for the ARMED "hostile" character to bop or pop you??

I always loved Hurly character. The GLUE that ties the ensemble cast.

Refreshing to see Terry O'Quinn playing someone who doesn't always know what's up, although he constantly tries to portray himself to be in control. Locke's built-in physical flaw/challenge always provides convenient narrative tool to throw him into situations where he deals in equal measure psychological hurdles, as well.

Sawyer, the loyal, lovable, obnoxious nice guy wearing the mask of "badboy" was always entertaining.

Nicole and Paulo

I'm not even done reading your comment, but I have to disagree. I loved Charlie and Claire. The most useless episode and characters were Nicole and Paulo. What was the purpose of that??

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

THAT is what they call a 'filler."

that's just injection of new blood, simply to introduce a divergent yet related storyline to weave it into a pre-established original ensemble cast.

agree. Nicol and Paulo, definitely needless.

with Charlie and Claire, it's probably the subject matter of my own personal annoyance with them that I dislike, more so than the issue of whether they serve the narrative of the series better, or not.

don't mind me, I just personally cannot stand the junkie-rockstar-redeeming-himself-later-for-a-girl archetype.)

I suppose one cannot get away from using one archetype or another, as long as we tell stories; after all, there's a reason why specific type of characters become "archetypes," in the first place, no?


Claire was a very important character, being Jack's half sister, Christian's daughter. And the flashbacks of her and the warnings about the baby, the psychic she saw, those were all relevant.
Some of my fave scenes were Charlie's (or Hugo's). I loved the one where he sang on the sidewalk while Desmond was leaving Widmore's office. "Maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me" and later we see Desmond rescues Charlie over and over.
BUT in the finale, Charlie rescued Desmond, didn't he?

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut


Desmond was the Timeline constant. he was literally the string that tied everyone together. you can almost chart the entire main ensemble characters' storyline from wherever he goes next. the proverbial sixth degree, in separations.

"CHA-laire" were indeed important to the way the show's writers' intended narrative played out, but as I stated before, my comment was more of a personal reflection of my own distaste for the redeemable-rocker-junkie archetype. though nothing against musicians, just junkie-rockers.)

but, the whole Claire being Jack's half-sister aspect, whether it was inadvertent or not, felt like a "forced, 'let's try to figure out a way to connect her to Jack to maintain the 'everyone is connected, there's no accidents in the world, all part of a destiny' meme, despite the fact that Jack's father Christian Shepard was a central figure in tying all the narratives, as well.

hmm, maybe it's just the actors playing them: Emilie de Ravin, and the Hobbit actor playing Charlie, Dominic Monaghan. who knows...

My husband used to watch that

show faithfully, after a while it reminded me of a soap opera. What caught me was some of the words they used can't remember them now, think they were mythology. That show was there for a reason but I don't know are really care anymore what the reason is. Maybe, it was telling us your lost and screwed ha,ha.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

"lost and screwed" is right. LOL

"after a while it reminded me of a soap opera."

that is precisely why I personally also got fatigued of its oft poorly executed narrative flow and not really exploring the larger mythos deeper, as THAT is the part of the series that really is what is attractive and has so much potential to explore.

but, as with all shows, the basic formula never really changes though: unless it's a human drama, mainly love story and resolution of some type of conflicts, especially if it's a scifi show, it's never successful. plus, let's face it, the 55% of the TV watching populace, the female of the species, will not stay tuned in, otherwise. and as a 64% of household monetary decision makers, that's a no no, simply based on economics alone, IMHO.)

and come on, the "black smoke" effect is pretty cheesy, especially when Abyss-esque water-alien CGI effect is as cheap to do as that now.

even though I pointed out before that "as it always was, and it always will be" meme seems to be a recurring scifi showtrend, as of late, nevertheless it remains always attractive, I believe precisely because the human family suffers from a historical amnesia: we still have NO CLUE as to exactly what we are, or just where we come from.

Everything from the Gilgamesh, Bible, and every other origin stories from every culture on Earth contain the story of THE Flood, and its aftermath (big ups to Velikovsky). Speak of the Bhagavad Gita and Mahabharata, the ancients flew, and had nuke-like weapons. and those stories are CENTURIES OLDER than the Bible. Whether it be biblical, Sumerian, Native American, Celtic, or Asian, the common thread of the Flood, some type of higher beings intervening, like some X Files-esque genetic hybridization, always seem to be a common theme in the story of our past.

Besides, no matter what anyone says, unless any of us were really AT the exact moment of our origin, everything including the Bible, Evolution, the Christian Creationist meme to any other cultures/religion's creation story remains a THEORY, by its very definition that NONE of it can be proven in the classic definition sense. All we have are stories, texts, and ruins and artifacts. Thus the humanity's confusion, and a built-in conflict within our cultural souls, as well as within our individual soul.

just look at all the pyramids left THROUGHOUT the world of whomever monument culture that built it; even with modern engineering techniques and tools, NO ONE can replicate the likes of Giza Pyramids, or those in the Americas. It's like our Ancestors are telling us while the Universe, for whatever reason operates based on a certain observable operative principles, these monuments are a living testament that those "rules" can be broken; it IS possible to build the "impossible." They left us clues.

so, any story that deals with the probable cycle of FAR MORE ADVANCED civilizations in the past that have come and gone, but left us with a clear EVIDENCE that something that seems impossible, IS possible, always seems so attractive to us, IMO.

the fact that a term like "disaster" should even exist, should give us some clue: it literally means WITHOUT STARS, as in "Dis - Aster." why SHOULD death of a star be so tragic, in the personal, or cultural sense that we would have such terms? and which star was it? are we talking about our ancestors actually watching a star, or stars die, is that WHY they coined such a term?

There is no doubt in my mind, these stories of higher ancient tech rings subconsciously true to most of us, precisely because deep down, all of us know that the modern priest class, aka. the scientists/politicians, are LYING to us about who and what we really are, and where we came from.


is imprinted with our history. I also believe your last paragraph is true and I believe the same.

I like the Daily Paul because of the deep thoughts and trails of thought we may find ourselves and the questions that may never have an answer but none the less was considered.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

agree with you whole heartedly, especially

on the DNA comment.

quilting, you are, as always, too sweet, and considerate!



just a minor update