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Video: Rand Paul on CBS' Face the Nation 11/14/10

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Rand the Younger

in interviews...is as brilliant as ever (just like his Father).

very impressive

once again.

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Rand Paul 2016

That was good.

Rand may have done this right.

He is playing them at their own game. He campaigned as "one of them", saying the "right" things. But his intention is to be "an apple that does not fall far from [his father's] tree".

He's smart

A good model for others...

TY for posting. Rand's

TY for posting. Rand's answers were SUPER! One could tell that the interviewer was not really friendly, but Rand gave him nothing to "gotcha" about..:) wow.

Front Page Quality

Rand is definately learning and learning fast!
I think this was one of his best interviews

How he addressed that "accidents happen" was very well done

Eric Cantor doesn't...

speak for Rand or Ron when he commits the GOP to Israeli loyalty. The man is a snake.

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RP was very well spoken. I think he did great and I think he even caught that wily sly fox Schieffer off guard lol


Thank you

Was at the fishing hole this morning and missed this.


Thanks for posting.

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