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WOW They were just discussing the body scanners on the Weather Channel

And how people do have the option of getting a pat-down. They talked about how conservative activists were urging a boycott of the scanners over Thanksgiving. Meteorologist Carl Parker said he would rather walk away from the airport than subject his family to such screening...much to the surprise of his co-host Heather(?)

This was about 11:50am PST.

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NIIIIICE host comments..

not sure if it's better the host comment or the co-host reaction. Really strikes a stark mentality gap doesn't it?

Yes, I think I was more surprised by his comments than

her reaction. She was like REALLY?? "No Thanksgiving with the grandparents?" To which he replied he would "just walk away from the airport". First time the weather channel really caught my attention in a while.

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Caught in the middle?
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Excellent place to talk about it!

Look at all the different ways the message is getting delivered. News, blogs, radio, and now weather channels!

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Wait until Carl Parker finds out

that once he's in the screening area, they won't allow him to "walk out", and he's caught in the net.
Either proceed with the screening, or be subjected to a $10,000 fine.

I have done this before with

I have done this before with a business that towed my car, and one other place. I just say.."Ok. Guess I live here now", and then I do. I just stay there until they come up with an option. I do not care. So far, they come up with options. I will not leave if they do not want me to. Pretty soon they will, though, because I will not keep my mouth shut if others come in or around.