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I really almost DIED from laughter last night when I saw this on SNL!!

I hope someone can show this to Dr. Paul. He could use a good laugh. This skit was funny last year, but it's even funnier now that Obamao lost whatever shreds of face he had on this last economic summit. I mean, when you can't get a trade agreement with a county (Korea) into which we've poured billions, as well as lost lives defending, what can you do? This president is so stupid, he spent millions on a trip that made him look worse. Anyway, go look at this & be prepared to laugh like a looney. The skit from last year is down at the bottom of the page.


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I don't think

it's insulting to Chinese at all. It makes we wish I was Chinese.

It's kind of insulting to the

It's kind of insulting to the Chinese, isn't it?
Anyway, too close to home to be hilarious for me. Humorous, but it's like broken tailbone funny.

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I thought this was especially funny

because it said what the press wasn't. I love it that even SNL has turned on him.

Thanks ausscyn

very funny!!

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That was funny, Thanks!

Had to put in on my facebook.

Jim Rogers

I thought it was funny...

It's called satire. Here is another link: http://www.just-a-regular-guy.com/2009/11/23/obama-meets-chi...

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More like stupid

than funny - they pay for someone to write crap such as this? Obviously they need new writers at SNL.

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for a god laugh.


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i didnt think it was all that

i didnt think it was all that funny...more like sad.

That was funny..too bad Obama

That was funny..too bad Obama did not say to him.."stop this, you are turning me on". Bet they thought about it...


I'm dying with you, LOL!

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hahaha...that was awesome.

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My sides hurt from laughing when he bent over LOL

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