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TSA targets ‘smoking hot’ woman for naked scan; fondles children

When law enforcement personnel can’t tell the difference between a terrorist and a three-year-old child, they need to go back to investigation school. One commenter captures my sentiment:

3-yr-old child, terrorist or pedophile’s wet dream? TSA cannot tell the difference.

“I don’t know what is more disgusting — the TSA agent messing with a three year old or the father’s rationalization of and acquiescence in her molestation. ‘Sensitivity training suggested?’ WTF. My parents had their faults and shortcomings but I really don’t think my mother would hold me so I could be groped by a government goon and my father would stand there and record it on his cell phone. Their generation sacrificed too much to ensure crap like this didn’t happen here.”

After Encounter with TSA, Man Decides Not to Fly, Government Goon Threatens to Sue for $10,000

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I live in NY and have two daughters, aged 9 and 13 - both tall blond beauties. My parents moved to Florida 5 years ago, and have made it a habit of "flying the girls down" for a couple weeks every summer. They're always putting the pressure on me to fly down with them and all that. I'm a working stiff and don't usually consider taking vacations - save for the 'all inclusive debtors prison package' that I see advertised. Anyhow, this has me freaked out. My parents are practiced in serious denial, and just brush my concerns off as: [fill in the blank with your favorite falsely reassuring clique] But come on! This is insane. This past year apparently went without any molestation, fondling or naked pictures. But I'm done. I'm not flying, (terrorist watch list mind you) and they ain't either. So there.

The units fly up here regularly and could care less. I think they'e got a couple cases of 'corexit on the brain'.

I like broccoli...I must be a terrorist.

Pretty soon they will be

Pretty soon they will be picking on old ladies, knowing most will not hassle them..lol
I must say I hate headlines like this when maybe it happened a couple times..

Ok, Ok, horrible stories..but

Ok, Ok, horrible stories..but I still hate the headlines..

bump for pedestrians!

like me :)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.