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Chinese EMP Attack Prompts US Missile Strike After Cruise Ship Crippled

A new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared for Prime Minister Putin by Director Anatoly Perminov of the Russian Federal Space Agency states that an Arkon-1 military satellite monitoring the western coastal regions of North America detected an “EMP anomalous event” occurring on November 8th at 0600 Pacific Standard Time (-8 hours GMT) that bore the “direct signature” of a YJ-62 subsonic anti-ship missile fired from a Chinese People’s Liberation Navy Type 041 submarine (NATO code name Yuan-Class) [photo 2nd left] known to be patrolling approximately 200 kilometers off United States coast.

Nearly 11 hours after this EMP “event”, this report further says, Arkon-1 then detected a BGM-109 (Tomahawk) subsonic cruise missile launched from a US Navy Ohio-Class submarine operating off the coast of California [photo bottom left] on a “training mission” from its home port located at US Navy’s Kitsap Base in Washington State and was enroute to the largest American Naval Base on the US west coast in San Diego, California.


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I remember when they had a fuel tank to shoot down

I have watched, since I was a child,Many vandenberg shoots.

This was an adjusted for payload nose heavy shoot by the video I have seen.It is very obvious that the tail is wagging to keep the payload on top of the gravity field.

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According to top Annapolis grad... Not cruise... yes ICBM


According to an opinion from a Nuclear engineer and former ballistic missile sub crew:

"... from the video... it is clearly an ICBM. If I understood the situation correctly, this video was taken from about 30-40 miles away (helicopter was over land, the missile was 25 miles out to sea). That was no cruise missile – it had to have been an ICBM. The space shuttle launches are visible from 50 miles away, but don’t look that big from 50 miles..."


"... Whose it was... no idea. The China idea is possible and has some credibility. There is motivation for such a demonstration given the G20 summit, there is precedent given the US naval exercises they had canceled a few weeks ago... "

That website however, is trash posing as truth!

There will be loads of dis-information stories over the next few days, especially if it part of a false flag to come! One cannot be too careful in not falling for pictures or words... both are easily and regularly faked!

definitely more credible than

definitely more credible than anything the United States Government has said .... "ughhh we don't know guys"

my initial response is go **** yourself i'll believe what bugs bunny says before anything you say ...

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Me first!

BEFORE you get ripped a new one for reading Sorcha, let me commend you for seeking truth where you may find it, and you may find it there. HOWEVER - you WILL find lies, the ones the enemy WANTS you to hear and believe as "alternative" news.
Read Sorcha, especially follow her links, but ALWAYS remember that this is controlled opposition psy-ops at its finest. Think of it as a Palantir, if you know what that means.

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