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Texas Straight Talk- QE2: The Fed's Last Stand?

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Is there another?

Is there any other congressman who puts out weekly statements like this that sheds so much lights and is so critical of the problems of the week. I think not. Only the good doc!

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for the


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meek, This has been a constant battle of

seeing duplicate posts.

I have had it happen on more than several occasions. The ones that should be fixed will be. Being first may not have any hits in comparison with a later posted duplicate story that gets many more comments. What to do is the question. If everybody did a search first, there would not be a problem.

Thanks for the many contributions and understanding the situation.


well said.

Good points Steve...it pains me to see this over and over again.

At some point it happened to all of us...

People posting late at night or in the middle of the night have almost no chance to get their post on the front page...unless some good soul gives it a bump when Michael is online in the morning.

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