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Sharon Angle is fighting vote fraud.

Posting this from my facebook page. Sharon Angle says

After the general election I received many letters, emails and calls
concerning voter anomalies that happened throughout the state. I was informed that www.PeopleV.us
(an organization that
filed the only private suit against ObamaCare) is fundraising for an investigation. If
all my Facebook friends give $5 by end of business on Monday www....peoplev.us will
be able to file the claim in a timely manner
and get to the bottom of these anomalies. Please help
today. Show your concern for the integrity of the election process and donate
$5 or more to www.PeopleV.us.See More
PeopleV.US | Home Page
PeopleV.US Mass Action Lawsuit Against ObamaCare

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Thre is another lawsuit.

out of Tennesee. Von Irion, van@libertylegalfoundation.com

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for hand & paper

This is exactly why

we need some changes made to our voting process!! I say out with the machines and in with publicly hand-counted paper ballots! See my post on this matter: http://dailypaul.com/node/149221

I am so glad for groups like

I am so glad for groups like this.