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Can Someone Identify This Flag Please

I have been trying to research the identity of the British Flag with the 7 pointed star right over Obama's head.

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Columbus, Ohio

American ignorance is

American ignorance is laughable

Flags like Australia seem to

Flags like Australia seem to show the historical dominance of the British Empire, in my opinion. It's kinda funny, but kinda messed up. If I was Australia, I might change my flag, to assert "independence", if that makes sense.

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It could well be. If a handful of people choose, within each

province to become a 'Republic', we will show them the way.

Apparently there are several groups within Canada that wish to start their own 'Republic' (a state within a state). They are in contact with interim President Tim Turner for advice and guidance.

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The other flag in the picture is that of Australia

New Zealand and Australia are very similar to one another.


New Zealand:


Sorry guys, I found it.



Link: http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&wrapid=tlif12897944626101...

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