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Looking for un-taxable work? Here's an idea

From Crovelli at LRC:
" if I were an unemployed young person right now with few job prospects, I would immediately set out to create an "illegal" cab company for myself. I would investigate the prices being charged by the "legal," monopolistic cab companies, and I would charge people, say, 15% less than that price. I would contact all my friends and family and tell them that I was available throughout the week to pick them up and drive them home from the restaurants and bars. By doing this, I would be both making money for myself (all cash, I would add!), and I would be helping to keep my friends and family safe...A further consequence of this small dose of economic freedom would be to eradicate an entire parasitical industry from the American economy. Taxi companies who have protected their monopolistic positions for decades, and who have indirectly caused untold numbers of DUIs by doing so, would have to actually compete in the free market for once. The jails and prisons in this country would be emptier by having fewer inmates in them for DUI, and prosecutors and police could actually do something productive with their lives, (like investigating robberies and murders for once), instead of hunting down people for DUI’s in order to take their money. Yes, many of these people would be out of work, but no one would cry for them anymore than they would cry if the entire cancer industry were put out of work by finding a cure for cancer. These people would actually have to become productive members of society like the rest of us." Full article here: http://www.lewrockwell.com/crovelli/crovelli52.1.html

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