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New Book Offers Harsh Portrayal Of Larry Summers And How He Came To Dominate Obama's Economic Policy

Larry Summers Cast As Dysfunctional Force In 'Revival,' Obama Insider Book

In a soon-to-be-released book about the inner workings and turmoil that dominated the Obama administration's first two years in office, one figure emerges above the others as a source for dysfunction on economic policy.

Larry Summers does not earn a kind portrayal in Richard Wolffe's upcoming "Revival: The Struggle for Survival Inside the Obama White House." According to excerpts that were provided in advance to the Huffington Post, he is cast as manipulative and self-impressed and a routine source of frustration for a team of advisers grappling with a deep and difficult crisis. He fought with his colleagues over policy prescriptions both bold and routine and often played the roll of stop-gap to basic reforms.

Such adjectives have been ascribed to Summers in the past. But in reporting out his book, Wolffe presents some telling, new anecdotal evidence. Summers for one, predicted that his temperament would be a problem. When he was brought on board the administration he told Obama that management was not his strong suit.


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