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High-rise fire kills 8, injures 90 in Shanghai

Uh Oh.... obviously, from what we now understand about fire's ability to melt steel.... this baby's comin down!


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Come on

Clearly the World Trade Center buildings 1,2 and 7 were built in a shoddy fashion far below code, in what was then the state-of-the-art "house of cards" architectural design.

I trust our government completely when they tell me it was structural fires that caused three buildings to collapse at free-fall speed into their own footprint. Why would they lie? Kerosene doesn't melt steel? But..but... thermal expansion!


can anyone find video of this incident?

Not the building fire, but a gas line explosion that happened in Florida about a week ago.

There was a backhoe that sat in the middle of those flames for over an hour, and did not melt. I SAW video on the news, but have had no luck finding it on the net anywhere. I wonder if it was purposefully scrubbed.

This was a blatant example of steel not melting in a fire, even with perfect air fuel mixture.

If a backhoe wont melt, then what makes you think a steel beam, that is connected to other beams, making it a giant heat sink, will?


Nicely done...

I knew the DP sleuths would come through. I had hell finding this. Maybe I wasn't searching with the right terms.

Notice that the roof of this equipment wasn't even deformed? Surely it would have at least sagged.

Of course it could have been made with the same steel that the Chinese bldg. was.

Thanks for this..

Thanks I.P.

but I was looking for video of the Ft. Meyers Florida gas line explosion, that had a backhoe in the middle of the massive fire plumes for over an hour.

Thanks for trying though.

Yup - The building should be falling down any time now...

...And it will collapse perfectly straight down onto its own footprint.

Or will building 7 continue to be the only steel structure to collapse (due to fires) in world history???

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