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The Federal Reserve is Laundering Money


This is a video that just popped up to explain the FED. You have got to see this. After you watch this you will understand why gold and silver are a safe haven and why we are so screwed!

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corporatism is just

corporatism is just capitalism they don't approve of.

Just like "terrorism" is just Islamic anti-democratic terrorism the US doesn't approve of.

what's wrong with harming competitors? Are you against profit or for helping competitors?

Why shouldn't the government do what benefits themselves? You sure care about freedom and rights!

If I had to bet.......

I would say that you're an agent with HLS, CIA, NSA, or some other alphabet soup "national security" group. I would say you are working for the gov't to disrupt and infiltrate groups like these that believe the gov't has become too large, corrupt, and intrusive.


Th fact that corporations exist really has nothing to do with the presence of a free market of the lack there of. A business can be large and yet not be a corporation. A corporation has a legal status that puts the "corporation" it in a different legal status than all other businesses, thereby providing it with an advantage. So just due to the fact that we have these entities with a special "personhood" assigned to them proves that we do not have a free market. So in an ideal free market not "corporations" would exist because the legal system would not provide a special status to specific businesses.

can you explain to me what is

can you explain to me what is the corporation special status and what's wrong with it?

Look up

The difference between chapter 7 bankruptcy (mainly individuals and small businesses) vs. chapter 11 (essentially only corporations)

And corporate personhood.

Please post a disclaimer that such videos are via


I can't stand these damned things.

I'd rather be RickRolled.

The medium is the message.

In this case, the message sucks because the medium sucks.

They aren't funny. They aren't entertaining. They won't be watched by people who don't know about this stuff already. It's like preaching to only a warped subset of the choir.

What's the point of making these things if people who don't know the subject matter won't bother to watch because the robotic voices are annoying? How does making a video that annoys and pisses people off getting your message out to them? If they turn it off because they can't take the manner in which it was delivered, how does that help your cause?

If I sent this to people I cared about, they'd never listen to anything I ever had to say again. And it has nothing to do with the words spoken, but everything to do with the manner in which they are delivered.

If your goal is to get people to stop listening to us, good job.

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There's a bug in the corner

That says 'xtranormal'.

This is the second one I've seen (the first was last week for Robert Murphy's Krugman challenge) and found it amusing. I don't think there is a consensus* on whether they are good or bad.

That said, I don't know if I'm dying to watch many more. I prefer to consume this information as text too.

* I don't like consensus or find it a great goal. different strokes for different folks.

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so true.

great graphics.

whoever does them just needs some voice-over actors.

he's got plenty of fans. not sure why he hasn't done this yet.


I've shown this and the furry creatures video to tons of people in the last few days, and most everyone has loved them!


You are of a small percentage. I showed it to over 10 people so far and it has helped them understand what is going on. If you have a better way to present this information...then lets see.
Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed?

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I would rather read straight text than hear virtual puppets

    these are terrible.

    "You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

    no, but I have yet to encounter anyone in real life that

    likes these things.

    In fact, everyone I know detests them.

    I don't mean it as any insult to you. In fact, my personal contacts consider it an insult to be shown this stuff. And like I said, they don't even listen to the words, the medium is so distracting.

    Maybe the message you are trying to get across can't be done in this fashion. You might just be picking the wrong medium is all. I don't know, but I do know, this isn't it.

    Maybe it will work for people who get all flushed and bothered over xtranormal videos. I don't know. All I ask for is a disclaimer. Something simply like putting Xtranormal in the title or something. There's another thread on here that did that and I was appreciative of the warning so I could skip that thread.

    xtranormal videos are for

    xtranormal videos are for trolls and preaching to the choir, pure comic relief.

    QE Screwed

    loved it.

    funny ... QE Screwed

    @J@ book marked

    And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

    "That's straight up gangster"