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Just another Day in CopTHUGville: Never, Ever, Ever, Ever Call the Police!

even after all that we've seen, this one truly takes the cake:

God all mighty, just look at the face of "evil;" when I see a face this benign, my immediate instinct screams "EVIL, EVIL, EVIL" Taliban!!!


SEVEN F*CKING YRS in JAIL, for a LAWFUL POSSESSION of Liberty Tools that are GUARANTEED, codified, and PROTECTED under Constitution.

Seriously, just WHEN does common sense become operative in what little brainpower it takes to be a CopTHUG? Worse, a JUDGE?

Hesus Cristos, as a former resident of NewJersey, I urge you all to AVOID the ArmPit of Amerika, at ALL COST. Judge Nap would be embarrassed to know that another Superior Court Judge from Jersey could be this daft, and EVIL.

OWNING a CO2-powered BB-pellet gun in NJ is charged same as IF one had committed a crime using it.

I repeat, in NJ, IF you get arrested for POSSESSION of a "firearm," even IF it IS LAWFULLY 'REGISTERED,' it is SAME AS IF YOU ROBBED A BANK WITH IT! No SH*T, Really REALLY: http://www.mycentraljersey.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20...

AVOID NEW JERSEY. NEVER, EVER visit, travel, nor live there. That is even more draconian than NY STATE laws.

The utter lunacy on everyone's part, the moron mother who kick started it all, to the moron copTHUG that responded, to the UTTERLY RETARDED, MORONIC JURORS, to the INSANELY IMBECILIC, Constitutionally CLUELESS Judge, who is crying like a bitch, now that he lost his job. http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2010/06/former_superior_cou...

As is the case with ALL commissars, his life, his family, his livelihood is all that matters. SO WHAT that he RUINED the life of a young, mid-20's small business owner with NO prior criminal record of any kind. His ass merely being not reinstated, is NOT enough. This douchebag motherf*cker NEEDS to take Brian's place in jail, instead.

Former Superior Court Judge James Morley, you just made the list of Amerika's MOST WANTED POS TaxLeechin' Commissar Assh*les.

Just read what he DID dismiss, and made excuses for, yet decided to JAIL someone who has NOT BROKEN ANY LAWS, for SEVEN YRS!!!


"In the case of Donna Goebel, a 45-year-old teacher’s aide and mother, Morley had said he did not think she was a predator for having sex with a 16-year-old boy, basing his comment on the circumstances of the case. He also said that but for the woman being a teacher’s aide, the relationship would not have been a crime because the age of consent in New Jersey is 16.

But Morley also stressed Thursday and in court that what Goebel did was both wrong and a crime. In October, he sentenced her to five years in prison for second-degree sexual assault, a crime that carries a five-to-10 year term.

Morley additionally defended his September decision to toss out animal cruelty charges against the man who allegedly had oral sex with the cows. In the absence of a state law on bestiality, prosecutors had only animal cruelty charges to bring against former Moorestown officer Robert Melia. That brought Morley a dilemma.

"I’m not saying it’s okay," he had said in court. "This is a legal question for me. It’s not a question of morals."

Morley ultimately threw out the four animal-cruelty charges because he said the evidence did not support the charge. After Melia’s arrest in the alleged sexual assaults of three girls, a search of the defendant’s computer revealed videos of him allegedly receiving oral sex from the cows. He is awaiting trial on 48 other counts."


so, this POS former(Thank Goodness!) 'Judge' was okay and lenient, and even empathetic in a case that involved inappropriate adult-teen relationship, and BESTIALITY (frankly as F*CKED Up as BOTH of those cases are, it's benign in the aggregate. And really, who cares?), but he threw the book at the most conservative button-up type guy, who has NEVER been arrested, no prior criminal record, never harmed ANYONE ELSE, worse, there were NO LAWS broken, even under the draconian confines of the EVER ANTI-GUN NJ.

got Priorities much?

I think we're nearing that point; the banks of the Rubicon seems to be fast eroding away, every second. There IS NO justice left anymore in Amerika, period.

The sheer level of insanity with this one is making my head spin.

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the stock on your AR graphic actually looks like a VLTOR!


Smells like home to me...

Jersey and Cali... perfect together.

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...


visit their page all the time.

but, as of late, there are only so many copthuggery videos I can digest per day, before I have an overwhelming primal urge overdose.

can you imagine what Rodney King would be if that happened today, in the age of YouTube? he wouldn't even be noticed, as there seem to be minimum of FIVE new Rodney King-esque copthuggery video posted, DAILY.

my, my, have we come far since 1992...

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