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At Bush's Amazon Page: Arrest Bush for Signing Off on 911

...jump on in, what makes him think we wouldn't say it?


Hundreds of U.S. military officers at (PatriotsQuestion911.com ) thousands of licensed architects and engineers (ae911truth.org), and the Colorado Democratic Party all say what our own eyes tell us: The magic fairytale of three skyscrapers (one not even hit) with massive steel core backbones falling straight down as a result of cool kerosene and office junk fires is impossible.

Bringing steel to malleable temperatures requires coal and pressurized oxygen in a blast furnace. If the official story is true, then it has revolutionized the foundry business. We know the fires were cool because of the black smoke (evidence of cool, oxygen-starved fires) and people standing in the windows, who would have been shriveled if the fires were anywhere near hot enough to make steel soft.

If the official story is true you had better get rid of your woodstove, which burns much hotter fuels all winter without dripping into the floor.

The explosives in the videos can be clearly seen, especially in the mechanical floors which ejected multi-ton steel pieces laterally at 70mph which embedded in buildings across the street. A gravitational collapse doesn't do that.

It doesn't require an entire government to do this and keep the secret. It only takes a couple of hundred well-placed collaborators to pull it off, then send a message to anyone who asked questions...with an anthrax letter.

Bush bases his entire presidency on the "difficult decisions" he had to make after 911. 911 was the excuse for shredding of our most basic rights and for permanent war in the Middle East.

Let's not forget about the $2.3 trillion that went missing from the Pentagon on Sept. 10, 2001, announced by Rumsfeld the day before 911. Of course then the "world changed" and not another word has been spoken about it:


The wars since 911 have cost you $10 trillion, straight into the pockets of military and DHS contractors. 911 is why you are poor and a few others are very rich. Open your eyes and cast off your chains. 911 was an inside job.

Here are the suspects, arrest these men:


Colorado Democratic Party calls for Grand Jury on 911:

The facts of 911:

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Munkle just posted a response to construction worker

I wonder if Bush is thrilled that all this is on the home page of his heavily-trafficked book site.


Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Nov. 16, 2010 2:35 PM PST
Munkle says:

1200 licensed architects and engineers say you don't know what you are talking about. The core backbone of 35,000 tons of steel is the heaviest part of the building. There was no weight on top of that which could have caused it to roll down on itself, never mind all at once at free-fall speed (FF speed is the speed at which a bowling ball or any object accelerates when dropped out a window with nothing but air for resistance.)

If you would rather be in a wood-framed building in a fire than a steel-framed one then good luck. Skyscrapers are specifically designed to withstand tremendous lateral and downward stresses including steady 100mph winds from a hurricane, and hits from commercial jetliners, which became part of the specification for NYC skyscrapers after a B-25 bomber lost in the fog hit the Empire State Building in 1945. The amount of heat-energy required to bring 85,000 tons of steel frame to weakening, never mind complete failure, can and has been calculated. If you took every bit of office furniture (which is fire-retardant by law) and kerosene from the jets, assuming none of it spill out of the buildings (most of it did), it would not even come close to the heat-energy required to soften the steel one bit. Steel is an excellent heat conductor, and heat dissipates to all points in the building evenly. Even with 4/5 of the vertical columns cut, the buildings were designed to still stand. This is call over-engineering, which means designed 100 stronger than it has to be to keep standing in any eventuality.

WTC architect John Skilling on the buildings being designed to withstand jetliner hits:

Photo of the WTC cores:

Official FEMA report which eliminates core, making building look hollow:

The best way to think of it to understand the disproportionate forces at work is as a scale model. If you scaled down the 85,000 tons of steel (enough to build an aircraft carrier) in the frame of one tower to 100 pounds of steel rebar (think of two 45-pound plates in a gym) and built a scale model of the steel frame, about half of that running up the middle in a 39 vertical beam, cross-braced core structure, then a 747 scales down to about the weight of an empty aluminum Coke can. The jet fuel would scale down to about one-half ounce of kerosene inside that Coke can. No matter how fast you shoot the Coke can at those two gym plates worth of steel, the rebar is not going to give. The can will be shredded, which is what happened to the planes and why no large intact pieces blew out the opposite sides except for engines and landing gear, which are the heaviest parts of the plane, with the engines being made of a titanium alloy. Steel is three times denser than aluminum, which is what planes mostly are, and hollow. A steel plane would never get off the ground. The weight of a fully fueled 767 would be contained in a single three-foot cross-section of the building's steel core. The kinetic energy of the planes hitting the towers was negligible, like a gnat hitting a tree. It did not twist or weaken the frame significantly in any way, and the towers were designed this way.

The heat from half ounce of kerosene is not going to come close to weakening 100 pound of rebar, either. If the official story is true, then every time there is a fire in a steel-framed building everyone had better evacuate because it is in danger of collapsing completely.

Then there is Building Seven, which was not hit by a plane at all, but still went down dead-level at free-fall speed which is only possible if it was a demolition. If the official story is true, then the demolition industry is out of business. Whenever we want a building to come down just start a few fires somewhere inside it and drop a few wrecking balls on top of it, and it will collapse neatly into its own footprint. Most people don't even know that 3 buildings came down, not two. See this Youtube on WTC7 here:


It would have been easy to pre-wire the buildings since a Bush brother, Marvin Bush, was a principle in the company which held the security contract. The WTC was like a small city in itself, with workmen and delivery men coming and going around the clock. You wouldn't even know what they were doing, and for most of the work even they wouldn't. Thermite compound can be rolled onto steel beams like paint, and workers could be told they are just improving the fireproofing. Hire a bunch of illegal immigrants who are sure not to ask any questions, and it's easy, except for the control charges and RF-controlled detonators.

Here is one plausible wiring scenario by Jim Hoffman:

All this and we haven't even begun to answer how a flight school dropout, Hani Hanjour, could perform a top-gun spiral dive into the Pentagon which military pilots say is nearly impossible, or how the plane headed for the Pentagon could not have been intercepted after the first two hits on the towers, or why multiple war games which included hijackings and a plane crashing into the National Reconnaissance Office were scheduled and in progress that morning, a perfect way to confuse the air defenses.

Pilots for 911 Truth:


Again, why care? It happened, it's over. You should care because you are being bled white from wars that were justified by 911, and a few people are getting very rich on your money. You should also care because 3000 people were murdered in cold blood, and never stood a chance when they were jumping out those windows.

But if all that isn't enough, someone making up his or her mind could just look at the responses here from the truth "deniers." They are devoid of content and cannot refute the facts, which is when you jump to the old tired "loony" and "crazy" lines. People like this will always ignore the facts because the facts are against them. If they had facts to rebut my arguments, they would cite them. But they don't. Ignore what is being said and call names is their only strategy.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

I LOVE this guy

'Your actually a moron. I was in the construction business all my life and worked on many skyscrapers. Steel is actually weeker then wood in a fire'

Sums up the debunkers.

The anti-truth squad found the thread

pretty weak so far, "truthers are idiots etc." One guy said he is a construction worker and knows fire makes steel "week" (sic.) Remember this is on Bush's main book page, lots of views. Please log in and leave comments:


Release the Sandy Hook video.

keep the thread hot, make Bush sorry he ever had the arrogance

to release a book after what he did...

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali

Ya..and he keeps sending me

Ya..and he keeps sending me letters to fund a library in his name like Clinton did. I really wish he had been impeached. That agreement for a North American Union alone, was enough..



This is true as I know it beyond a reasonable doubt.