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E Foods for insurance: Save, Serve, Share

Just became aware of a company out of Utah selling dehydrated foods over the net in a direct marketing way. My husband and I just bought 388 servings of food for $350 which has a 15 year shelf life. They are willing to give you 9 free meals to try. So far, rave reviews on the food. If you're interested in preparing for the future and making an income, check them out here:


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electronic foods ? what's E

electronic foods ? what's E about it?

Ya. I got my

Ya. I got my site..www.AmericanSpirit.myefoods.com

I just bought the $350 pkg too..I was gonna buy the $100. but the food is so darn good you can hardly believe it. I think that potato soup that all you do is add water too is one of the best I have ever tried, in even a restaurant. The food has mostly all healthy ingredients, some even organic and is marked best by 2025. Makes me feel good to have this stuff. Check out my site I need 2 people..lol

Right on! I've been stocking

Right on! I've been stocking up as well. When the SHTF, dried food will serve as an excellent currency. Not to mention you won't be hungry! Stock up NOW! Seriously, don't delay.