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QE2 Leaves Port, Bernanke Takes Leave of Senses

Okay, so you’ve heard that Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke is at it again… he’s doing some more of that Quantitative Easing or “QE2,” if you prefer the wonky acronym the media has attached to the program.

It’s the Federal Reserve’s plan to rescue our economy and stop the deflationary spiral that is keeping Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner up nights, although they would be loathe to admit it. And I have to imagine that my readers are paying attention in the sense that they are watching, reading and/or hearing the news, on various blogs and in the general media. I also have to imagine that many of my readers are trying to get their arms around what the heck is going on and what it means… exactly.

You know what I mean… really understand it… in kind of a simple, I-can-explain-it-to-my-wife (or husband, it doesn’t have to be wife) sort of way. There are really three areas of information you should understand about the whole affair, so you can think of things falling into one of three buckets: past, present and future.
Past – What is it and what have we done to-date?

Present – What are we doing now and why?

Future – What will it affect and ultimately accomplish?

Make sense so far?


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Bernanke pretending to pilot the Titanic

after it hit the iceberg.