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CollegeHumor strikes again; Pro-liberty satire?

The politics of Problem-Reaction-Solution with never-ending crises to be supposedly solved by politicians doesn't seem all that distant from a time when the warnings turn to threats. This hilarious parody of a political ad, based on the famous computer game SimCity, hints at the absurdity of the politics of fear...

SimCity Mayor

CollegeHumor also has a history of subtle and seemlingly neutral 9/11 truth messages. Check out this great sketch:

Star Wars 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist

Of course the entire Star Wars series is a warning against false flag terrorism... if you've seen the films, be sure to watch the excellent analysis:

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Sweet Parody.

The guy who played Mayor Ward should go into politics for real given that the public often votes for candidates based on looks and presentation alone.