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VIDEO: Newsmax Interview with Robert Kyosaki "Silver is a smoking deal"

Not sure when this interview took place, but they mention Silver at $16/oz.
This is a fantastic interview with Robert Kyosaki.


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Kiyosaki is a trend-seller.

Kiyosaki is a trend-seller. He used to hawk the "miracle" of real estate as the difference between "rich dad" and "poor dad", right? Now he's just latched onto the next play to sell to the sucke.... uh, the savvy investors. Yeah, that's it.

Kiyosaki was pushing silver a

Kiyosaki was pushing silver a long time ago.. he is not a johnny come lately to silver.

I'm starting to think you are right

I have started to notice lately that Mr. Kyosaki does say some good things,but he isn't exactly running around promoting Austrian Economics. I think he is, as he says, a cycles guy. And these cycles are how he makes his money. So, he probably isn't really for all that much change in our economic policy. It's his bread and butter. So I take what he says with a grain of salt.

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Good find!

It was posted in November, 2009. Silver is still a good deal at $25 an oz...

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