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What is the opposite of "Liberated?"

I see people clammering for JOBS!!! Why do people WANT to be cogs in someone else's wheel?

Is the opposite of "enslaved" "employed?"

I hear a lot of fuss about voting for a person to represent me...

Is the opposite of "represented" "absented?" Or maybe "consented?"

I see an endless array of humans, each so much like me and each so very different from every other human... Are "unique" and "same" antonyms or synonyms when we are talking about people?

If you had "The Ring Of Power" offered to you, is there no one who would be in danger of your vengeance? Is there another human whose heart you are certain is so pure that they would never wield power for their own benefit? If they truly long to serve the people, then must they place their own life above all else to that they may serve the people? Must a martyr be an egomaniac to become a martyr?

Has there ever been a man or woman, or group of them, that were so civil and just that they deserved to set the direction of the lives for all the other men and women around them?

What is the opposite of "liberated?"


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I was going to say

I was going to say "Americanized"

"The casualty of partisanship is objectivity."

What is the opposite of "liberated?"

Iraq ?

Speaking of "Ring of Power", there is an excellent film by that title. It is long and a bit dry, but it covers a wide range of subjects.