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Former Assistant TSA Administrator Admits Airport Security Checkpoints Violate the 4th Amendment!

"...but we're going to have to do it."


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Really listen to this guy

"I think that uh, we're not dictating necessarily these events that are occurring, there's events that are happening across the world, there's intelligence that's driving us to be able to [pauses] us as a society to go to these measures ..."

You're not necessarily dictating these events that are occurring? What does that mean? That you might be?

And did he almost say "intelligence that's driving us [TSA] to be able to go to these measures"? It sure sounds that way to me.

new article this

new article this morn


I was thinking it would be quite funny for someone to OPT OUT and then say they are a hermaphrodite (having both male and female parts) and requesting they only be patted down by another hermaphrodite.

"we're going to have to do it."

Who in the hell is this "We" you are talking about?

The "We" I know of are"We the People". And "We" say stop.

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

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---Lily Tomlin

Well, ya know nobody likes to

Well, ya know nobody likes to have all their constitutional rights violated but we're just gonna have to put ya all in the Fema camps!

Where does it stop?

Admission of guilt...

that is why they got a 'former' member of TSA lol

He should still be subpoened imo.


Shocking! Clear admission of guilt. 4th Amendment violated.

50 second mark: "... I mean nobody likes their 4th Amendment rights violated going through a security line; but, the truth of the matter is we're going to have to do it." - Travel Security Admin.


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Karma and the Constitution: An unstoppable team!

"Don't tread on me" they will learn all about.

These people have no reason to be in this country.

Excellent post.

I can't believe he says that,

I can't believe he says that, to blatantly admit it is unconstitutional like that. That shows another example of how seemingly corrupt our government is.

I am Ron Paul

Well, there you go.

We are just going to have to do it...

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