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A Jacksonville Legal Aid Lawyer was "castigated" by a judge for attending a foreclosure case with Matt Taibbi

The American Civil Liberties Union and several other media and First Amendment groups sent letters to the Florida's chief justice and another judge, urging them to ensure foreclosure proceedings remain open to the public and the media.

In letters sent Friday to Chief Justice Charles Canady of the Florida Supreme Court and Chief Judge Donald Moran of Florida's Fourth Judicial Circuit, the ACLU cites a "troubling pattern of foreclosure courts operating behind closed doors."

"Our organizations have received numerous reports that extraordinary barriers to access are preventing members of the general public, as well as representatives of the news media, from observing foreclosure proceedings in judicial circuits around the state," the ACLU wrote to Judge Canady. "We believe these barriers undercut the transparency of the judicial process; they also violate the strong presumption of open access to judicial proceedings under Florida law."

Foreclosure hearings in Florida courts are supposed to be open.


--A Jacksonville legal aid attorney was "castigated" by a judge for attending a foreclosure proceeding with a reporter from Rolling Stone magazine.


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Ask for the original promissory note,

AND ask for the certified ledgered accounting for the day you closed, or for when THE FED WIRE cleared your lender. If they balanced their books they owe you some money and a letter of re conveyance of your title. Wake Up Folks These banks have been slaving you since 1933...For people who claim to be dedicated to promoting liberty we don't seem real jazzed about stopping the banking fraud that has gotten us into this mess in the first place. You can take control, but you have to understand the rules of the game first.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

I want an autographed photo, bobby!

Seriously. I know you are gong down in history. I understand like few here do.
Maybe not a rock star, but you will be a rocket docket star, watch...
Bless you!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.