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James Turk: Gold $8,000, Hyperinflation sure, Prohibition possible

For James Turk its quite clear, that the price of gold is maniupulated. “By doing so it makes the Dollar look better because gold is the only natural competitor towards the Dollar. If you keep the goldprice low it makes the Dollar look better then it really is”.

According to Turk, the caping of gold won’t last for ever. Just like the gold caping in the 60ies finally gave way in the 70ies its quite clear to him that the goldprice caping of the past serveral years if giving way here. Thats why the goldprice is starting to rise so rapidly.

Turk:”Goldprice manipulation is ending now, because they are finally losing control. Some central banks that not agree with the caping of gold are starting to buy right now. The concerns about the dollar are rising very rapidly and as a natural alternative people are turning to gold because there is no save currency anymore.



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